Wynn’s Beach Cottage Bedroom {December 2011}

Welcome to Wynn’s little corner of our beach cottage!  Thank you so much for visiting! 

I have to share from the get-go that Wynn’s “room” is currently the right side of our “master” bedroom.  The beach cottage has 3 bedrooms.  Two bedrooms are upstairs (currently an office and a to-be bunk room for our children) and one bedroom (that we are currently sleeping in) is downstairs.  It made the task of renovating seem more manageable mentally if I could concentrate my energy on the downstairs first before addressing the upstairs.  For this reason and also because we have been happy co-sleepers since Wynn was a newborn, we set up his little toddler bed next to our bed and I decorated his little side of the room.  I would call it whimisical beach vintage . . .

This is a jenny lind style toddler bed that I handpainted in 5 different shades of turquoise and blue and then distressed.  I call it his Cloud Nine bed.  Love, love, love this bed, where he currently sleeps about 50% of the time 🙂

Want a Cloud Nine bed of your own?  Visit my Etsy shop!

Some Christmas decorations mixed in for seasonal fun.

galvanized buckets with aqua blue handles tied to the footboard of his bed for matchbox car {and apparently elephant} storage.

I made this chain out of houndstooth felt using my hot glue gun.  It defines his space and is just fun.

Little lambs on a Wynnbaby crib mobile hanging above his bead.

Wynn’s “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree we dug up on my parent’s 40 acres.  I made a miniature pennant banner out of houndstooth felt and baker’s twine.  Those numbers are actually house numbers from Home Depot that I haven’t gotten around to using in another project yet . . . perfect for a child’s tree and less expensive than most ornaments.

Pages from “A Day at the Seashore” {vintage golden book} mounted on canvas.

Burlap ribbon adds texture and a neutral color to an otherwise orange plastic bucket.

Pom poms I borrowed from my sewing stash.  Much easier than stringing popcorn with a similar whimsical effect.

Heart pine floors we worked so hard to unearth under layers of carpet and glue.

 I wish I was better able to show “full room” shots of this cute space.  I’ve mentioned this before but the only lens I have for my dslr camera is a 50mm 1.8 which is awful for interior shots.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a lens that takes good interior pictures that doesn’t cost as much as the average mortgage payment??   The cost of lenses scares me!

Hope everyone is having a nice week.  Nothing but rain here so far but snow is in the forecast!  Still dreamin’ of my white Christmas . . .


  1. so super cute! i love how calming your style is. i am in love with his bed…and your Christmas decorations are perfect! your little boy is so sweet too!

  2. i absolutely adore his bed! so cute! try the 28 mm 1.8 lens. it’s a wide angle lens, has low enough aperture for low light settings and is sharp. It can also be used for portraits, etc.

  3. His bed is wonderful! Love the color, so calming. His side of the room is adorable…looks like something out of a magazine. Great job Erin!!

  4. Looks great! The 18-55 kit lens is inexpensive but I don’t know if I’d spend on it. I would just save up and get the more expensive wide angle… I think you will be happier with that in the long run.

    I want to see more beach cottage!

  5. Oh, Erin! What a precious space. Can I make a pallet on the floor next to Wynn’s bed and sleep there, too? It’s so lovely!
    I love all of your decorating ideas…especially the pom poms as tree decorations!

  6. Erin, I bought Adam a Lens adapter kit from amazon and the wide angle filter thingy works pretty well to get wide shots…and i think i paid 60 for the whole kit (which included a lot more) if you want i can email you the info. Wynn’s a lucky boy to have such a special momma 🙂

  7. I love his little bed. So classic. The blue color is perfect! 🙂 Wynn’s tree is so adorable. I think I’ll forage and look for one for me around here. And of course Wynn is adorable too! 😉

  8. Nice to see a co-sleeping decorating scheme! I only did a nursery for my first child, which was very fun … and he did sleep in there, but the second, third and fourth kids all slept in our room (had a crib in the corner, but mostly with me). I’m not sure the babies needed co-sleeping as much as I did to maintain my own sleep cycles! I wouldn’t change a thing. Babies do eventually sleep on their own.

  9. So cute, cozy and secure! Love his whole little corner of the world. I’d love to know more about his bedding; did you make all of it? Any guesses on when you’ll have your etsy shop up and running? Eager to receive “my” bunting that I pre-ordered! 🙂 Looking forward to your future post on the Golden Book canvas, as well. Our baby #3 also has his little corner of our room, and that is such a cute idea.
    It’s so great to have your postings back in time for Christmas. I must say-your simple, cottagy, child friendly lifestyle approach now in your humble cottage is right where I’m at…so loving it. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  10. Erin, this room is so precious, especially Wynn! I love seeing your new house and how you beautifully transform spaces. Ahhhh! I am a Michigan girl (lived there half of my life!) so I appreciate where you live! Hoping you have snow by now. Your pics are lovely and just so very beautiful!! Be sure to let us know what lens you choose. (my wide angle lens was stolen last year, along with my camera, so I need to buy one, as well.)

  11. Erin, thanks so much for sharing Wynn’s space with us. It is precious, just like he is. His is such a sweet little face and I can just imagine how wonderful it would be to be his grandma and be able to hold him and give him lots of kisses on those sweet little cheeks… like I do with my youngest grandson, who is now 6 and will not have too many years left where he will let Grammie do that. Alas!

    Blessings to you all, Joy

  12. your son’s name is great! i say that as i also have a son named wynn. he’s grown and a father now. everyone likes his unusual name.

    • That is awesome, Susan! Thanks for sharing!! Our Wynn was named for his great-grandfather Wyndham. Definitely not a name you hear everyday, but we love it!

  13. how did you mount the book pages to canvas? i have some old vintage pages from storybooks i’d love to hang on walls, but they are odd sizes and framing them would require matting and more $$$. any tips would be helpful! love this room!

    • Thanks, Morgan! I just used Mod Podge, which you can find at any craft supply store. They make a Mod Podge specifically for use with paper.

      • how did i not already know that?!? i guess it is a glossy type finish? from the pics it doesn’t come across as glossy looking. thanks so much for responding:)

  14. lovely room!! we have our own jenny lind crib,now with many chew marks. 😉 wynn’s bed is serving as major inspiration for the paint job to come. do you remember the name of the blue the majority of the bed is? love his space!! absolutely beautiful.

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