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      • Hey Jessica, you sure can. I should have the “subscribe by email” widget loaded any day now, I’m in the process of moving the blog from blogger to wordpress so thanks for your patience. The RSS feed button should be up already!

        Thanks for reading!

    1. What a beautiful website and thank-you for your wonderful insight on this journey through life. I am from Toronto, Ontario Canada. God Bless

    2. Hi Erin – I so thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and looking at your beautiful pictures. I am also a West Michigander and know what you mean about what a glorious place the lakeshore is to live life. Your photography is so lovely and artistic. I am wondering if you ever do any photography for others? My “babies” are growing up fast and my oldest is already in college and we have not had a family picture in several years to celebrate our family. I am looking for something different for our portrait – something much more artistic like your photographs rather than a typical picture. I think you have a very talented eye and if you do take pictures for others, we are nearby and would be happy to come to you. Thanks!

    3. Hey, Erin! Thank you so much for your wonderful blog! I’m wondering what new theme you are now using – if it is a WordPress theme I’d be interested in looking at it for my own blog (which is private and not open to many people). It looks fantastic, thanks for being the light you are.

    4. Hi Erin! I love your blog, your faith, your stories, your outlook on life and motherhood! I have to be honest, though – I don’t love the new format! I often enjoy going back and looking at your old posts, and I’m finding that it takes much longer to load old posts with this new format. If sticking with this format, an archive-type menu somewhere on the site would be great. Just wanted to share in case its something you may be interested in considering.
      No matter what format, I love what you are writing and I’ll be sticking around. God bless you.

    5. hi erin,
      i have enjoyed looking thru your blog and reading your lovely accounts of home life, renovations and being a mommy. i have been inspired with the board and batten in your master bedroom as we also have dormers that need some “life” to the walls. would you please share the finished height of your “paneling”, the widths of the baseboard, stiles, and corner boards (along base or knee wall of slope). we have one wall in our room that is the original exterior wall of the main house before this section was added on. i love the texture (painted flagstone grey) and am hoping the board and batten will work with it as there are two walls on either side that will butt up to it. any ideas that you’d care to pass along would be great!
      thanks for your time,

    6. Dear Mrs. Southwell,
      I’m participating in an art exhibit in November and drawing lots of portraits for it. I love to look through your posts; you’re an amazing photographer!!! I was wondering if I could draw a picture of James that you took in May? It’s the one where he is smiling and crouching in his overalls. I would appreciate it so much!
      God bless,
      Kate Orr

    7. Mrs. Southwell,

      I hope you don’t mind if I send you a link to a post I did today about my daughter, Kate. I don’t mean to be boastful, although of course I am proud of her!, but I thought you might enjoy seeing the portrait of James she drew included among the others she is exhibiting this weekend. Thank you so much for giving Kate permission to include the drawing of him. It is my dad’s favorite!
      Blessings to you!

      Kelly Orr

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    9. Hi Erin – I love your blog, your faith, your outlook on motherhood. You are such an inspiration. I miss your posts and wanted to make sure all is well with you and your family?

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    11. Dear Erin, I am so pleased to hear from you. And the News of Baby 3. I adore your photography and storys.
      I had missed you, Went to take a look at your photography site loved it.
      I am an admirer for the rest of our days. Blessings and Good Health.

    12. Erin hello! I was hoping and praying you are enjoying these last days of pregnancy and too tired to blog . I am a long time blog reader and lover of all your photos! I worry when you don’t post…stalkerish I know…but I simply pray you and your family are well.

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