Welcome, dear friend!

I am so glad that you are here!  My name is Erin and this site is the account of my heart.

It is the love story of a girl, the marvelous man who loves her, their long-awaited babe, and a most faithful loving savior.  Don’t know God personally?  That is ok . .   He is writing an amazing story here and I am humbled to tell it.  Please stay awhile . . . He may just stop you in your tracks.

If you are new, you may want to start with this post– a tour of the “New Old House” we built in 2008.  {I originally started this blog to document the building and design process for friends and family-God had bigger plans.}

You may wish to follow with this post, where I explained our decision to sell that house to free up resources to chase bigger dreams {I like to refer to this as “not settling for a tootsie roll life when God wants to give you Godiva chocolate.”}

Want to see how real God is?  The images in this post {written several months after selling our house and moving into a small rental} are for you.  I dare you to forget them.

Now, a year after our big move, we are settling into an old beach cottage near the shore of Lake Michigan, where we are currently living and renovating.

This blog is about living a beautiful life.  The life you were created to live . . . full of all the beautiful things that make this life worth the effort. 

 “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” -Jesus Christ

Blog Table of Contents  
 how to arrange bookshelves like an interior designer {even if you aren’t one}
how to DIY an organized entryway
how to paint hardwood floors

                                        how I learned to use my dslr camera, photography basics, and photoshop.

                                     How to trust that God knows {and cares about} the desires of your heart

                                         How to wait on God’s perfect timing if you are trying to get pregnant


                                                    Simple ways to add charm to a cookie-cutter house

                                                     How to maintain perspective when life is hard

 Recognizing God’s presence in your marriage 

Understanding the character of Christ through mothering

 Ideas for decorating a children’s room if you live in a rental house
 Tips for simplifying and getting rid of clutter

Tips and resources for making your own baby food

How to transform a dated rental kitchen using white shelf paper

How to follow God toward the awesome life he wants you to have

                                                       How to not muddle through life

                                                    Budget-friend Christmas decorating ideas

                                         Maintaining hope when you feel like you are drowning

                                                How to reupholster a dining chair or bench

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  1. hello!
    i was wondering if you have the paint colors that you use in your home. i am looking to paint my kitchen a bluish gray color and it looks like you have that color in your kitchen. when you have time could you please send me the color. thanks so much!
    i love your site and your home!:)

  2. The paint color in our kitchen is Ralph Lauren’s River Rapids, from Home Depot. I love the color, it’s a great light blue!

  3. Hi Erin! First I want to say that your home is absolutely refreshing. I am new to the blogging world and we are in the process of renovating our first home. Though I look forward to the day that we can start from scratch the way you did and build our dream home! The details in your home are impeccable, great job!

  4. Hi Erin. My name is Erin too, and I live in Indiana. Where do you go looking for antiques? Thanks! Would love to know where you moved from and where you landed. We are in the process of moving too…renting and then moving, after a long home renovation. But I guess our hard work paid off, we sold our home in one day!

  5. Erin, what color is the trim through out your house the white is so crisp and clean?


  6. Hello Erin
    I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how blessed I was when I stumbled across your blog. I was actually looking at decor bedroom pictures online when one picture I clicked linked me to your blog. I have been pondering starting my own blog and after reading yours I was inspired to write my own. I love all your decor pictures (what great taste you have) but more than that your heart for God. Reading your blog is like a breathe of fresh air. Thank you and God bless! Katie

  7. What a lovely blog! I am both inspired and blessed in a variety of ways. Thanks for sharing your life!

  8. This is the most incredible picture! Your expression and then your baby’s expression are just amazing. Beautiful and thanks for sharing!!

  9. Darling blog..And keep running the good race. I commend you for being a mother and accepting your bundle of joy as a heritage from the Lord..I am still praying for one, if it’s His will…but the Lord opens and closes the womb, does He not?
    God bless you and may He strenghten you for your task. Laura

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