Weekend Round-Up

I was inspired by the inspiration images in my last post to add some artsy family photographs to my office at work. Sadly, I spend more waking time here at this stage of my life than in my precious home, ahem, so I might as well fill this office with images of those who are precious to me.

I took six photographs of my nephews A and B and printed them in standard 4×6 in sepia and had them developed at Target in one hour for $1.20.

I picked them up on my lunch break as well as a box of decorative colored thumb tacks.

I used the thumb tacks and paper clips to attach the photographs right to my wall above my computer screen.

* * * * * * * * *

On the home front, we had a beautiful weekend of cool air and warm sun. Isn’t that the best combination!? I swear I was born in the wrong century because nothing makes me happier than days like yesterday when I can be around the house, bake a pie, do some sewing, and tend to my garden. Speaking of pie, I am going to share my favorite easy-peasy pie recipe tonight, so check back soon.

On the decorating front, we hung four large mirrors in our foyer this weekend. You cannot really get an accurate idea of the scale from these photos, but the wall above this entry bench is tremendous, and it would have been a huge undertaking to hang one large mirror in the space. I really wanted a mirror on the wall to reflect light and enlarge the space. I somehow thought to buy four bevelled mirrors and hang them in a grid pattern. The mirrors were about $25 a piece, so overall this was a relatively inexpensive project with a nice, dramatic impact.
Have a happy Monday, and check back tonight for the pie recipe!


  1. Those mirrors look great! How high are your ceilings? From the picture it seems like it would be fun if you added one more row of mirrors on top.

  2. Hi…I am a new reader of your blog! I love your ideas…esp. the photos! So simple and too cute.

    Take care,
    Joy Cronauer

  3. Awesome pics…love the thumbtacks! So cute!

    The mirrors look fabulous and cute dress, too! 🙂

  4. where did you score that great entry bench? my husband and i just purchased a new house and unfortunately the entry way is lacking (it’s in the kitchen) i wanted to try and define a space with an entry bench…

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