Timeout for Peonies

Every morning on my way to work, I drive by this cool flower shop in a great historic building. Every morning I want to stop and check it out, but I am usually running late, and just end up passing it by.
It has sort of become a private joke between me, myself, and I.

I have even looked at the shop online, and swooned over pictures like the one above, from the florist’s flower farm. But somehow, still, never made the time to pull over, take a timeout from my usual routine, and just go inside.

Well, until today.

I thought that if I wouldn’t make the time to stop for me, I would make the time to stop for my house, which I figured really deserved a bouquet of peonies for being such a great house, creative outlet, and partner in crime.

And so I went in. I will have to go back with my camera to share the beauty of the original moldings and hardwoods circa 1918 and ubber tall ceilings with windows full of natural light. It was beautiful. And so were the peonies.

I was a bit overly excited when talking to the florist. I told her that I always drive by and was so excited to finally stop and see the inside of her shop! Apparently this florist hasn’t been longing for me to visit like I have been longing to visit her shop . . . but whatever, they took Visa and I was happy.

I somehow felt that God was happy too. Silly I am sure, but there I was with my five beautiful peonies, on a sunny Friday morning in June, and I felt a precious joy that I know can only come from Him. After all, I know who designed and grew my peonies.

He has a great eye for color.

And as I opened that big heavy stained glass door of that big old floral shop and stepped out into the morning sunshine with my armful of flowers, I could almost hear Him saying, what took you so long?

I grew them just for you.


  1. these are one of my fave flowers. i grew up in ny and we had many bushes in the backyard, everytime i smell a peony it takes me back to that time in my life where life was so care free and summers lasted a lifetime! now i live in nc by the beach and peonys dont come back the 2nd year πŸ™ the first year i planted them it was wonderful but after that the bush comes back but never blooms any flowers.
    enjoy them i look foward to seeing pictures of that flower shop!!

  2. Erin I just love your blog – what a beautiful home you have – you have excellent taste. Glad I found you!

  3. Oh – I LOVE peonies! We had several large bushes in our last backyard. It is a such a blessing to have extra flowers to pick to bring inside AND still enjoy them in the garden. Bonus: they’re gorgeous in photo shoots! πŸ™‚

  4. What a great analogy that can be related to the rest of our lives – how many things do we not make time for/create excuses for and He just looks at us and says ‘what are you waiting for’ and we do and we forget how our life was before that. Love those flowers as well

  5. Thank you! I love the peonies. I have not had much luck with them in my yard. Someone told me they were planted too deep. I will dig them up this fall and plant them higher in the soil.


  6. What a beautiful post……..indeed. I fought w myself over buying an Azalea plant w gorgeous yellow flowers this past weekend, finally the salesperson told me, ‘you know that if it dies in 30 days, we’ll return the money back’……
    SOLD. Have I said how I love your writing?

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