Time out for Marriage: Or Things To Remember

My husband has a tiny scar beneath his left eye that is the only visible reminder of his run-in with the chicken pox at age 6.

I love that scar.

I remember falling in love with that scar some 8 years ago now-as well as the rest of him.

As I was laying in bed last night, watching him sleep, I wondered if he was gone forever, whether I would remember everything about that scar. And about the freckles around it. Would I remember the exact color of his blue eyes and the way they change with the light? So I lay in bed last night and listened to my love breathe, I watched him dream, and I memorized his beautiful face. Most nights, when we are falling asleep, I will reach over and whisper in his ear:

“You are my hero.”

It is as natural to me as exhaling. I wonder if he is tired of hearing this after seven years of marriage?

What a wonderful, wonderful thing that marriage is. Yet so delicate. I try to think of my marriage like a baby bird in the nest: a miracle, a blessing, beautiful, special, but delicate, fragile, requiring exquisite care and attention and time.

I pray I never forget to respect the delicate nature of this awesome gift called marriage. I pray I will never forget to let my husband know that he is my hero. And that I will, if only every once in awhile, take the quiet time to study and memorize his face.

It is, after all, a marvelous gift from God.


  1. You must hear Jimmy Needham’s song, “Firefly;” you’d love it! It was written for his wife, and there’s a line that says, “You make me happy to be alive!” That’s how I feel about St. Michael after 31 years, and it just keeps getting better! Never let anyone else tell you otherwise! A husband who is, as Alabama sings, “close enough to perfect for me” is one of God’s richest blessings!


  2. Love your sweet post and love marriage! It’s such a gift, and this is coming from a wife to her hero for over 15 years. We married at the tender age of 20 and 21…such babies we were! God ordained it and has blessed it. Not all days are easy, and there are some moments I’d rather smother him with a pillow than memorize his face, but he is a precious gift to me and our four children.

    Don’t forget how much you admire him and show your respect to your husband when you’re overly tired from being up with the new baby. He’ll be even more of a hero to you then!

  3. What a nice post. My hero and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage on Thursday. I fell blessed every single day that he is in my life.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  4. We must have been thinking along the same lines. I sent an email to Chris this morning while he was still sleeping (rough night with the baby) and it had 10 reasons I am so happy I married him and 10 reasons that my love still grows πŸ™‚ Of course I remember meeting your husband before you got married and I am SO glad to hear that your marriage and relationship is still going so strong!

  5. Yes, marriage is a great thing, like most things that take work. The things that take the most effort are the most rewarding! Congrats!

  6. Well I hate to echo what everyone else is saying but those are my thought too…what a beautiful post!! This is very touching and well said. Marriage is an incredible gift. Thank you for posting.

  7. What a beautiful post Erin ~ I also love watching “my boy” sleep ~ we just celebrated 8 years married and I love him just as much today as I did then. I love how you described marriage ~ perfect…

  8. wow! you are an awesome wife! i need to take more time too! we are always busy with life and then once we hit the pillow we are out for the night! i need to take a moment and tell him how wonderful he is! because he truly is! thanks for reminding me and everyone!

  9. Choosing the right life partner makes all the difference in having a happy, full life and one that is always lacking “something”. We also married young (19 & 22) and are celebrating 30 full, happy years in November! And yes, marriage is fragile and must be nurtured, protected and fed and held like the priceless treasure it becomes with age.

  10. Aw, such precious thoughts on marriage. Marriage is a gift I truly treasure, and I love fellow-wives who feel so passionately about it. Indeed, my husband IS MY hero, and I love him so much. I think I’ve learned to appreciate just who he is and how precious our marriage is through deployment. There have been countless nights that I laid in bed with him sleeping soundly next to me before he left where I just looked at him and memorized his face and wanted to make that moment last forever.

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