Tide Pools and Undertow

Oh good, you are here! 

I have been waiting for you . . . 

here on the beach in South Carolina.  The beach is magical in the fall, when golden leaves find their way next to seashells and powdery sand.  Come and see the wonders of this place.  Sit with me, won’t you?  Lend your ear that your heart may be filled with good news.

                            (Wynn, 19 months, seeing the ocean for the first time) 

See the playground that was created for you.
See it through child eyes.
The vibrant colors and salty goodness, for even the very air He has filled with flavor. 

Notice the way ocean tides create shallow, warm tide pools, perfect for tiny hands and shovels and plastic red buckets?

 How I wish that life would be a constant succession of tide pools, far from the edge of undertow and sharks and cold ocean depths.  But we know differently, don’t we?   That is why you are here.  That is why we are friends, you and me.  High tide will wash over the beach and the landscape we know will change.  Waters will rise. God will shift our focus from our comfort to His glory.

I am here to tell you that He will never leave us or forsake us. He wrote that in a letter to me once . . . have you read it?

As we stand at the edge of the coming tide, the Father is at our right side and His Son is at our left.

(Three generations: Wynn, his daddy and granddaddy) 

 And for today, dear friend, may it be enough to know that He never lets go.



  1. How beautifully spoken! Thank for the gentle reminder of how much He cares for us and how He will never leave us. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. What a beautiful post Erin! This will definitely get today started on the right foot for me. The last picture is precious, would be beautiful painted.

  3. The beaches of South Carolina are absolute perfection! So glad you are enjoying them.

    Needed this word today. The Lord is currently shifting my focus from my comforts to His glory and it’s been painful and beautiful, all wrapped together.

  4. …no matter how long we have been His child, the reminder that He will never leave us is comforting…

  5. man i cannot wait for your next post! come on! i want to see your house … even if it isn’t perfect yet. pls show us stages!

    btw, okay, about the spiritual side (sorry) I LOVE WHAT YOU WRITE! you have a gift. love it. touches me. i love that you love the Lord and also share my love for beach cottage. thus, 2 birds, one blog!

    thanks for saving me time!

    now, post some pics! love it!!!

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