This Fall {pictures and snippets}

Sweet friends, I have missed you and oh how I have missed this space.  Is it really December?   When only yesterday it was August and I had a newborn daughter in my hands??

October marked the 8 year anniversary of this blog.  8 years. That blows my mind.  Where does the time go?

I want to start writing again regularly, maybe once each week, but I wonder if there is anyone still reading amid the cobwebs of this unattended space where I have poured out my heart for so long.  And now with my heart full to bursting, there is so much I want to share with you.  So many stories I want to tell.

Life with Evelyn is wonderful.  She is joy beyond measure.  She has been a rather fussy baby during the day these first few months but sleeps well at night.  I believe we are coming out of the colicky newborn phase now that she has turned 3 months.

mommy and evelyn 2 months old

We honestly do stare at her in disbelief that she is really our girl!   I wonder if I will always look at her this way.

evelyn with daddy 2 months-2 evelyn with daddy 2 months-3 We have had a beautiful, albeit rainy fall, here at the foot of our Brushy Mountains. james fluffy in the woods

Life with our ducks continues to be fun and entertaining.  They started laying eggs a few months ago and we collect 2 or 3 each morning (they are fantastic for baking and good to just eat as well).

September Afternoon final

Our sweet baby James turned 3 in September.  After a difficult period following Evelyn’s birth, he is back to being the charmer of the family and happy-go-lucky.

james nov 2015 oil

Sweet Evelyn Delphine at 2 months (end of October)

evelyn 2 months

james age 3 and evelyn 2 months old-12

And my industrious, outdoor-loving Wynn, who is still never far from my side.

swing low


  1. I am still reading. 🙂 And I loved this peek into your Fall. xo

    • Thank you, Christi!! Always love your comments on Instagram, thank you for reading!

  2. I’m still reading, too! Your words and beautiful pictures never cease to inspire me with contentment and peace in my heart. As a mother, there are a few blogs I look to for inspiration and yours is one of them. Thank you.

    I hope we readers never bring you guilt for not writing, but only joy for the chance of expressing your creativity and feelings. Have a delightful December!

    • Thank you, Heather! That is so kind of you. A delightful December to you as well! Thank you for reading!

  3. I knew James would find himself again! We all have to rearrange a little. Erin your photos are truly pieces of art. (The one with Evelyn gazing at her father is incredible.) I miss you here! Keep posting when time allows.

  4. Ah yes!! Though I might skip other blogs in my inbox… the moment yours arrives I click to see. Your heart and photography are so beautiful and your insights and wisdom amazing. I will be looking forward to seeing more of you and your precious family.

  5. I am still reading too! I love your photography and your content. I would rather see fewer posts with more meaning than some other bloggers who seem to sell their souls with sponsored content. I know it’s a business but blogs like yours are a breath of cool fall air. Thanks!

    • Thank you, Laura, that means so much to me. I agree wholeheartedly. I think I grew weary of blogging when all blogs seemed to be turning into businesses and I wanted to hold my family close to my heart.

  6. I read, but you knew that. I’m always inspired and think of Philippians 4:18. You are lovely!

  7. Still here! Always looking forward to your updates showing up in my inbox. And I don’t mind long breaks between posts.

  8. My Dear, You and your Beautiful Children are an inspiration to me. I shall never forget you.
    It’s so calming and heart Warming reading your Blog and Most Beautiful Photo’s Ever !
    Sending Love and Prayers

  9. I’m still reading! Seriously, your blog is my favourite.

  10. I still check at least once a week because I’m obsessed with my favorite blog of all time!i even stalk your Pinterest board because your style is impeccable! Xo

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