I originally shared this devotional when the blog was brand new and I had maybe one dozen visitors each day. It is one of my favorites and I think of it often, so I wanted to share it again. I pray that it speaks to you today.

by John Fischer
(photos by me, text emphasis mine, guest models: my wonderful nephews A & B)
Sometimes I act as if I’m just muddling through life.

I’m lucky if I make it through a day.

People ask me how I’m doing and I hear myself say — “Oh, I’m hanging in there, just barely.”

Then I remember Christ praying to the Father: “As you sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world,” and I have to ask myself: Do I sound like someone who has been “sent?”

If I have been sent, then I am on a mission, and if I am on a mission, how can I just be muddling through life? Somehow I don’t think muddling is in my mission statement.

I’m thinking of Paul in 2 Corinthians 2:14-17 where he says that he is always being lead in a public display and is manifesting, wherever he goes, something real about the nature of his faith in Christ, and it is always having an effect on people, and I realize God can accomplish this mission in spite of what is currently happening in my life.
Paul even makes this statement right after he has confessed his anxiety over plans not going as expected (verses 12-13). Even then, he could still say he was being lead on a mission. That means nothing can stop us because nothing can stop God’s work in our lives.
It would be great today if when people ask how I am, I could say, even if it’s just to myself, “I’m on a mission,” because I am. I’m on a mission to love God today with all my heart, and let that love reflect in all I do. I’m on a mission to love those closest to me — to be ruled by care and compassion. I’m on a mission to tell my story to anyone who wants to hear it. I’m on a mission to manifest the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ wherever I go. All this can happen regardless of the circumstances in my life. I don’t get to muddle through anything.

How about you today?

Have you been sent?

(Look up!)

Then you aren’t just hanging in there; you are on a mission.
Be aware of it today, and look for what God has for you, because you were sent.


  1. I love it…sometimes I feel like like a chicken with its head cut off, just trying to get through the to do list. God has had so much more planned for me. Thank you for the uplifting post.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful words. They have definitely given me something to ponder today. Great pictures, your nephews are adorable!

    ~ Tracy

  3. What a blessing for me as I read these precious and pictures too! Pray everyone who reads them is blessed too.


  4. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been muddling this week, and it needs to stop! This is a great encouragement.

    (Found your blog through Kimba and have enjoyed looking around, your new bundle is beautiful-congratulations!)

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