Opening my inspiration files . . .


  1. There so many things I love in these pictures. Well the pictures themselves, but the wood tables are just fab in these settings and the touch of stripes introduced to the white…, and the doggy door, how cute is that!

  2. Those are all so beautiful ! Looks like you love slipcovered chairs and rustic tables. I swoon over that daybed and the pillow medley on the cream couch. Absolutely lovely !

  3. I adore all white, but I really do wonder if it is practical. Hubby and I will be recovering our furniture this fall, and I’d love to do a white couch and a patterned chair. We are adopting a puppy this week and are hoping to have a baby in the next year. Would a white couch really stay clean??? What do you think? Do you know any people in real life who have white furniture?

  4. Oh… and I have two little ones and a three year old cock a poo and two white slip covered sofas… very practical because they “shout” and bleach out just fine! I should really have bought stock in “shout” before becoming a mom!
    Did I mention I live in Georgia with that oh so wonderful red Georgia clay!? If I can go white… anyone can!

  5. I am redoing my kitchen….and I LOVE the paint color in your kitchen! What color is it? I am going for a cottage look. If you get a chance, please post the color or leave a comment on my blog. Thanks so mcuh!! I love all your beautiful ideas!

  6. Mrs. Osborne, I left you a comment on your blog 🙂 For anyone else interested, our kitchen paint color is River Rapids by Ralph Lauren at Home Depot.

  7. Hi Erin;
    I just found your beautiful blog and love the layout and the larger format photos…can you please share how you did those and how you got your signature on the bottom of each post. I would like to add you to my blog list if that is ok with you.
    Many thanks.

  8. Hi Dagmar, a great lady named Danielle did my blog design for me, I link to her on the right sidebar. When uploading photos, I chose the “large” format upload, usually uploading from my hard drive. I’m not very computer savy, wish I could offer better information!

  9. I LOVE the top bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not ever get rid of this blog. When I move or build or redecorate, I copying things exactly from your blog.
    Thank you for putting so many great idea in the same place.
    Love you, Erin!
    We are still at the beach. Google Rosemary Beach and Alys beach and let me know when you can come here.

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