Nooks and Crannies

I love a charm-filled house where even the smallest spaces, like these beautiful closets, are highlighted by vintage wallpaper and unexpected blue-stained wood work.  I think I could live in that floral closet, couldn’t you? 
We are just starting to house hunt again . . . remember our dream of an old farmhouse on acreage that we can fix up over time and where a half dozen kids can run and play?   We are slowly starting to look for it. Want to help me house hunt??  I keep thinking about my picture window and how God already knows this place that we are searching for.  What comfort I find in that . . . I can’t wait to meet Him there.
When we do find our Harvest House I think I will stain some of the woodwork blue and wallpaper the closets.  After what will be a year + of renting, I can’t wait to get my hands on a house of our own again-every little nook and cranny.
I can just picture it now . . .
Photos courtesy of the amazing Annette Tatum.


  1. Has it really been over a year since you started renting? Has it gone as fast for you as it has for me? A reminder that whatever God brings our way, it really is for only a breath if we keep our eyes focused on Him. I will be praying for you to find your special place (what state do you want to be in?)

  2. Hi. I think those closets are so yummy. My to do list this spring is to spruce up my bedroom closet. While I swore I would never ever wallpaper again, those inspiration photos sure are pretty.

  3. So cute! I just cleaned out my closets this past week. Maybe I can do something like that to my small one!

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