Life in the Laundry Room

I have been spending a lot of time in the laundry room lately. Between laundering cloth diapers and Wynn’s fondness for the white noise of the dryer, it has become the most useful room in the house. With all that time spent in the laundry room, sure do wish mine was this pretty!

Of course mine has a one of a kind accessory that blows all the other laundry rooms out of the water.

Shhhhhh! Don’t wake the baby.


  1. Erin… those rooms…but that last one…it’s my most favorite. Look at him holding onto the rope on his Moses Basket. 🙂 beautiful.

    my kids are so in love with white noise that they each have a sound machine that plays it in their rooms.

  2. Oh my goodness – what a beauty!!! Your little man is just the sweetest thing. Congrats Erin. I haven’t checked in for a while – your baby is too precious for words. Love Janine

  3. Enjoy the moment! My Lamb will be 24 in August and is getting married in less than 2 weeks! YIKES! Wasn’t it yesterday she would sleep in her “punkin” seat in front of the dishwasher?! I shouldn’t have blinked!

  4. Darlin’! My colicky one loved the dryer; every now and then, we both slept in the laundry room.:)

  5. Too precious! I love the Moses basket. I might have to get one for my grandbaby who will be born next month! Still amazed that my oldest baby is having a baby… The years seem to have flown by. I like the cheerful and bright colors of the second laundry room, but I have to agree, yours by far, has the best accessory!

    ~ Tracy

  6. Cloth diapers? GOOD FOR YOU! They are so good for so many reasons.
    Cute picture of your precious son.
    I truly enjoy your inspiring blog.

  7. So sweet! I love his moses basket. I had one when I was little, I wish I had sewed a new cover for it and used it for my son. Maybe next go round!

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