Let There be Bright

TGIM! Thank goodness its March.

Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that it is in fact March, and that the 14 degree weather I’m currently enduring is not March-appropriate.

Until the daffodils burst forth with all their spring brilliance, here is a room that I just love for it’s neutral backdrop with bright bursts of color.

It makes me feel like spring . . . even though I just spotted a few snow flakes outside my window. Sniff.


How is the weather where you are?
Are you adding any bright colors to your home for spring? Do you switch things up for the seasons?


  1. LOVE that room! the rug and just how bright it is…makes me want spring to be here even more! If I wasn’t so crazy busy with the boys and house buying stuff I would definitely be decorating for spring. I do have my Easter wreath up on the front door though. 🙂

  2. I hate to tell you Erin but it is quite warm here in Idaho – if you can believe it! This weekend I picked up a few things at the thrift store that will do just that bring a little spring into the house. I got two throw pillows both a celery green stripe (1.50 ea. 🙂 I love the changing of seasons… it rained all night 🙂

  3. East Texas is crazy unpredictable. Last week, I wore shorts (79 degrees)… This weekend it was in the twenties! Now, the sun is shining gloriously and we should be back in the warmth by tomorrow! Thank you, Father!

    I change my porch for the seasons. Thank you for asking. =)

  4. That room is so bright and happy! I wish that’s what my life felt like right now! It’s not snowing here in Chicago, but it’s COLD today (20s). Are you going to have the end of the week warm up as well? It’s supposed to be in the high 50s here! I’m hoping to run outside on Friday!

    How do you feel about the ghost chairs? So many other bloggers love them, but I really am not feeling them. I guess they just don’t feel traditional enough for me!

  5. AEO-I’m not a fan of the chairs either, but the rest of the room makes up for it for me-I really love that rug. I wish I had more of a taste for modern but it’s not in me! Yes, we are supposed to warm up by week’s end too and I also can’t wait to run outside!! I love to run outside in Chicago when we visit, especially along Navy Pier!

  6. That room is so inviting and bursts with the freshness of spring.

    As for me here in aussie land I’m sweating buckets…I know..ewwww.

    Keep warm 🙂

  7. Melly, my sister lives in Sydney! I know how hot it has been for her. My mom just finished a lovely flannel quilt for her but is holding off til July to send it over! 🙂

  8. I love your header and the pictures of your home!They are all so beautiful! I stopped over from the Inspired Room and I plan to stop again!

  9. Darlene-flowering branches are SUCH a good idea! I did this last year with honeysuckle and my kitty ate it during the night and we had a rough morning to say the least 🙁 As much as I love him, it is almost impossible to have beautiful flowering things in the house.

    Anyone have any suggestions on this??????????????

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