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These last few days before our move are flying past at lightening speed.  I cannot wait to get where we are going but I also had so may things I envisioned accomplishing before the move and as the weeks become days and the days dissolve into mere hours, I am realizing that certain projects may need to be left undone . . . I am never that comfortable with the undone . . .

I am trying to get all of our belongings organized and boxed.  This becomes quite a challenge with a toddler who pulls out 50% of what I have packed each time I turn my back.  Sneaky little goose.  I have turned packing into a great game of chase and tickle monster because it is a lot more fun to laugh than to cry and after all, this is just one big adventure . . .

Moving is such an emotional undertaking for me.  I think it has to do with going through all of my things-especially boxes of photos and cards and things otherwise tucked away-and staring life and loss and love in the face.  It is clearing out all of the cobwebs and forging ahead . . .

I am completely mesmerized by my son.  He is every wonder that is in the world.  His eyes are hazel now and his hair is turning blond and he has a few tiny curls in the back.  He is still nursing and loves to cuddle in bed with us at night.  He is my memory maker.  He is a reader like me.  He will sit and listen to 20 books in a row sitting in my lap and then ask for more.  More than anything he likes to be outside.  I can’t wait to show him the beach and all of the wonders that God has set out for him . . .

I found an old table at an antique store.  It was labeled “nine drawer chest.”  It has apothecary style drawers and is large enough to be a coffee table, so I bought it for that purpose.  I painted it a bright sunshine yellow.  It needs another coat.  It is one of the things that may end up being left undone . .  .

 . . . unlike me.  and my family.  and this story He is writing with us.  He has promised to see it through to completion. 

He is glorious that way.

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 1:6


  1. Amen! I love this post. You have good company in the “it’s hard to leave things undone” category.

    And, it IS a beautiful story He is writing.


  2. May the God of Peace go before you, behind you and along side you, throughout your journey.

    All His best111

  3. Erin, what a beautiful post. Sometimes, things are better left undone, or to be picked up later. All in God’s timing my friend.

  4. You write so beautifully. I love your blog and have been following you for awhile, just haven’t said hello yet. I know the feelings you are feeling, and can tell you that you will make it to where you are headed, even if everything you planned doesn’t get done with perfection. Kiss that sweet boy’s curls and laugh and you will be better for that. Can’t wait to see where you are going. God bless.

  5. God bless your move; it can be such an overwhelming task! I have moved from state to state 4 times over my adult life. It is really a wonderful time to remember all of the blessings God did for us and exciting to think of all that He will do. May God bring you safely to your new home and give you so many wonderful times there!

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