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This spring I wrote an article on Creative Ideas for Imaginative Play for Gatherings Magazine.  I am so excited to share that article with you now that the spring edition of Gatherings has been released!

Gatherings Magazine is a seasonal online publication (pssst . . . it’s free) to inspire your creative life! Each issue spotlights articles on crafts, food, interiors, vintage collecting, and style with the intent to foster creativity and delight the senses.

via Gatherings Magazine

via Gatherings Magazine

When editor Heather Spriggs and I first discussed what I might contribute to the spring edition, she asked that I write something to celebrate Mothers Day.  Because my best days as a stay-at-home mom to two little ones are the days where I intentionally invest in playing alongside them, I decided to put together a collection of creative play ideas that other moms can try at home with their children.

Animal Parade small

Playing is like exercise . . . we moms can normally think of one hundred things we could otherwise be doing, but it is a commitment so worthwhile and fulfilling once you make the time.   Personally, nothing makes me feel more depleted as a mother than a day where I am half-heartily trying to just keep my children occupied so that I can finish emails, errands and phone calls.  Of course we all have days like those, but there is something magical for me about those days where I just set everything aside and play.

Childs Play Tent 1

I hope you find something here that touches your mama-heart.

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