If I Had All the Time in the World . . .

If I had the magical ability to press “timeout” on life’s clock, I would accomplish the following, and then press “restart:”

1. I would organize all of my closets to be picture perfect (with color coordinated ribbons).
2. I would bake a lifetime supply of cupcakes to have on hand for everyday delightfulness.
3. I would decoupage antique nautical maps on the walls of A and B’s room.
4. I would find the perfect nook to make a home office that would inspire me to write more-without a t.v. in the room.
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5. I would stencil the floors of my laundry room.
6. I would spend an entire day, perhaps longer, playing fairy princess-just because I had the time.
7. I would adopt a yellow lab, buy a sailboat, and train my dog to be my first mate.
8. I would paint something, somewhere in polka dots-just for the cheer factor.

9. I would put a transom above every door and window in my house and bask in the natural light.

And finally . . .
10. I would spend hours and hours laying outside on an old quilt, daydreaming, examining, and making fairytale plans.

What Would YOU Do?


  1. I’m with you…especially on the closet organizing and cupcake baking (both things you can never have too much of, right?). What I need most rings so true with the quote on #10…silence with nothing calling out to me or begging of my time. It wouldn’t have to be an incredible amount of time, just some time to ‘be’ and not ‘do’.

  2. I would do most of the same things you mentioned and to my list I would add:
    1. Spend one hour everyday with my grandchildren
    2. Spend 6 months of winter in the Caribbean…maybe longer.
    3. I would get a massage everyday.
    4. Sleep outside everynight in the summer.
    5. I would spend some time everyday thinking of more fun things to do.

  3. MMM…great post with great ideas. I would love to do many of those things too. This really makes you think.

  4. i would have someone build a screened-in porch and put a large, comfy day-bed or hammock in it and day dream for hours (this is when it’s no longer 4 degrees outside) LOL πŸ™‚

  5. Wow, I love it πŸ™‚

    I would add take long walks every day, bask in the sun, read and read some more, and cultivate a beautiful garden!

    What an inspirational post

  6. Beautiful, Erin. You have such an eye for all things lovely.

  7. Lovely! I would take lots of photos and record the stories in words and pics. And I would actually DO some things on my list.

  8. I would travel to every beautiful place on earth and spend hours amongst the scenery painting what I saw… And, I would have a baby:)
    Oh, also everything you said!!

  9. So funny I posted that map wallpaper pic yesterday πŸ™‚ Great Minds think alike. Hmmm… I would hire a videographer to follow around my 2 year old to catch things he does that I don’t see. That would be worth a million bucks!… as he just hit my cocker with my shoe and looked around the side of my couch to see if I saw him do it… see.

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