I Have a Porch and a Dream

When we built the “new old” house the house plans included a small wrap-around porch. It was actually more of a front porch with a small 3′ lip around the corner to give the effect of a wrap-around porch. I really wanted the real thing, a full-on wrap-around porch. Imagine pitchers of lemonade, rocking chairs, ceiling fans and porch swing: I did. It was a battle with the builder but we did end up with our wrap-around porch!

Confession? We never use it.

Criminal, I know. But there is this funny thing about outdoor furniture-it’s as costly as the indoor stuff if not more so! Jeepers! So two summers have (nearly) come and gone in the house and our porch has sat untouched. It is most definitely on my list of things to work on in the future, and what is a house if not an ongoing project and labor of love?

In the meantime I’m continually inspired by photos like these from House Beautiful of outdoor spaces that could rival any indoor living room.

Someday I am going to share pictures with you of our furnished wrap-around porch! It just might be several summers down the road . . .


  1. *sigh* I would love to have one of those porches. We don’t even have a porch, it’s more like a stoop.

  2. I know how that goes. We LOVED our sunroom when we first looked at the house…in the three years we have lived here I have probably sat out there three times!

    I thought decorating and furnishing it would help but it didn’t — so start small on the furnishings!

    Beautiful pictures <3

  3. Oh, I love my (almost) wrap around porch…, it’s covered and we spend almost every evening out there…, furnished with only two rockers and a small round table.

  4. I love these! I am convinced there is nothing quite like “porch time.” Maybe for you it will be the perfect place to rock the baby…

  5. They are beautiful!
    You need one, Erin! We use ours ALL the time. It is so great for having people over or Bible Studies.
    Love you!!

  6. I have a huge front porch and we use it in the fall all the time. Summer is too hot and buggy. But during spring and summer we use our back screen porch. I have furnished it all with outdoor furniture from auctions and flea markets. Our house is a 1929 four square and I felt it was more appropriate to get older furniture. I am glad as it is made much better – especially if it is almost as old as the house and it is less costly. Try looking around at estate sales and such and I am sure you can find comfy older furniture that just needs some tweaking to become the best on your porch.
    Oh and get a day bed- as when I was pregnant I took many a nap on the screen porch with my 2 year old and my big belly holding his sister.


  7. There is nothing more charming than a wrap around porch! The first thing you must get is a porch swing and hang it from the rafters ~ the baby will love it! :o)

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