I am about to grow old. Let’s eat cake!

photo courtesy of Tartelette
I have three days left as a twenty-something. I believe I am supposed to be appreciating this upcoming birthday as an important milestone. Truth be told, I haven’t given it much thought at all. I am so focused on this baby and his special life and upcoming birthday in March that anything associated with “me” has sort of faded into the background. I like that. Slipping blindly by the mark between young and (?)middle-aged(?) with my eye on a bigger prize? I’ll toast to that. With a glass of Pelligrino of course-and perhaps some fresh raspberries at the bottom of the glass? A rare treasure in the middle of snowy January for certain.

I do think I might bake a cake. For myself. And the little one too-he tends to rock and roll whenever I eat sugar, so I am fairly certain he has inherited his mother’s sweet tooth. Are you familiar with one of my favorite food blogs-Tartelette? The photography alone (see below) is a feast and my plan is to attempt this Meyer Lemon Sorbet Baked Alaska.
Meyer Lemon Sorbet Baked Alaska
(click for recipe from Tartellette)
When I was a little girl, my mom always let me pick whatever I wanted for the family dinner on my birthday and also whatever kind of cake I wanted. I almost always requested bbq chicken or spaghetti and boston cream pie or baked alaska. Chances are good that I rang in my 10th and 20th birthdays with a piece of baked alaska, so as a nod to my youth, I think I will ring in my 30th the same way.
The rest of these photos are from the Tartelette site. They serve no purpose in this post other than to make me happy. πŸ™‚ .

I am afterall, the birthday girl.
(You can visit Tartelette’s Etsy site here.)


  1. Just had a luscious fruit tart from Whole Foods a few days ago and have been dreaming of finding a recipe. Thanks for the link! Enjoy your birthday! You are still just a baby…

  2. Happy Birthday Erin! These shots are amazing and now I want something sweet too ~ so thank you for that! Have a wonderful week-end and good luck with your Baked Alaska.

  3. Happy Birthday Erin!! Just remember, it’s a birthday you’ll never forget, as it will be the year that your little one comes into your life. Something to celebrate for sure!! πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  4. Happy Birthday! The 30’s are such a busy decade; the intensity of a young family makes those years hard but fulfilling. My personal favorite birthday so far was 40; I might actually have acquired a bit of wisdom, and that’s a lot of fun.

  5. Happy early birthday. I like to keep telling myself that I’ll be twenty-faux for awhile, but in all honesty…I’m hitting the big 3-0 in April. πŸ˜‰ Yikes!

  6. Erin ! Happy almost birthday! That tart picture is amazing:) The nursery shots are wonderful – can’t wait to see final pictures. Pretty colors and details. -mary

  7. Honey, you’re not really livin’ until you get to celebrate the Big 5-0 ! It’s wonderful! Liberating! And just downright fun! So, Happy Birthday, and enjoy! The best is yet to be!

    Grins and blessings!

  8. Welcome to the 30s (well, in 3 days)! Those photos are beautiful. Everything looks delicious. You really made me want dessert now. πŸ™‚

  9. Happy up-coming Birthday! I loved my 30th birthday (last year) because I felt like people finally accepted me as an adult:) It may just have been a weird hang up for me!

  10. I just turned thirty myself, January 1st. I didn’t mind turning thirty. I just view it as another decade to try and be a better person. My thirties are going to be the best years of my life. Oh, and thirty is not middle aged. I repeat, thirty is NOT middle aged. πŸ™‚

    Hope you have a great birthday! Your birthday dinner and dessert sound delicious!

  11. Happy birthday Erin. I am about to turn 33 and have to say that the big “3-0” is absolutely fabulous!! You are entering such an exciting time of your life on so many fronts. May you know the delight of the Lord as He celebrates the precious gem He made in you. God bless. Janine

  12. I’m also turning the big 3-0 this week (the 11th)! So happy birthday to us! I don’t think I have ever commented on your blog before, but I really enjoy following it! Happy Birthday and best wishes for your growing family!

  13. Happy birthday Erin! You can just about taste those pictures πŸ˜‰ mm mm good– Enjoy the day.

    Tam in M.N.

  14. Hey! I hope you have an amazing birthday! =)

    I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a pale blue color for our kitchen and I’ve had no luck. I googled pale blue kitchens and yours popped up! I have no idea why I didn’t think of your kitcken in the first place, thank goodness for google! =) lol I can’t wait to try the color! We won’t be painting until March or April. I noticed where you also said you painted your bathroom a barely there green as well. If you wouldn’t mind sharing those pictures whenever you have time, I know everything is so busy right now, but I’d love to see it as well. Thanks for having such an amazing blog full of beautiful pictures and Jesus! Blessings!

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