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Ahhhhhh, isn’t this house so peaceful? 
It came up in my MLS criteria a few days ago . . . what do you think?  It fits the picture I have in my mind of “Farm Marvelous,” only I sort of have my heart set on finding a diamond in the rough that I can make pretty over time, project by project . . . this house is already pretty-SO pretty!  It might not “need” me, you know? 

Dreamy, right?


  1. Ummmm….SOLD!! It looks move in ready and SO you, and you could still add so many of your own touches. I’m seriously drooling…

  2. WOW!!! DREAMY!!!!
    I love that checkered floor, farm sink, and all of the bead board! Not to mention the porch!! I would have to paint the ceiling of the porch a nice light robin’s egg blue, otherwise it would be move in ready for me! 😉

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And knowing what you have done to the last 2 places you lived, I know you could only continue to improve its beauty!! This house hasn’t seen nothing yet!

  4. ♥ IT!! This is my kind of home! Def move in ready, however SOO much to you can do to put your personal touches and your families into it still. {if it was for myself} & it was the right $$ I would be signing a contract today!! Sold! 🙂
    Good Luck!

  5. Oh my goodness! We are fixing up a house very similar to this right now! We are just redoing the stairs, so I love seeing photo’s of stairs right now!

  6. wow…what a beautiful home! love the red bathroom ceiling, the horizontal beadboard on the walls and the simple decor. i’d buy it in an instant…living in an 1829 farmhouse with so much work to do…it would be a dream for sure!

  7. Beautiful! I could see doing over the stair treads in black, or dark brown. There! A change you could make to give it more of a wow factor. Other than that, everything about that place seems very WOW to me!

  8. So, so lovely. And I agree with everyone else there is still SO much you can do to add your mark. To the yard, too! If you want to check out an amazing farmhouse renovation and story of a couple with babies after many, many years of wanting and waiting,, is amazing.

  9. I might need to come check this one out. It is beautiful, and reminds me so much of your new old house. It would be hard to pass up, if it is in your price range. Jackie

  10. Love, love, love the sweet farmhouse. I think it might be just what you are looking for. Peaceful, quiet and just waiting for a family to love it! Can’t turn down a sweet front porch like that!

  11. What a gorgeous home!!!
    We actually just moved to “diamond in the rough” farmhouse {120 years old} It’s exactly what we were looking for!
    We’ve been in demolition mode for the past 2 months — and even though the days can be long, it is SO exciting to know our house will look exactly how we want it to look…someday.
    If you like projects, I would definitely vote for a diamond in the rough. It will be so satisfying when you’re finished — if you’re really ever finished 🙂

  12. Just found your blog from Tip Junkie. Love it! And this house!!! Oh my, I think I just broke a few commandments. 😉

    Christy in Nc

  13. How can you even NOT think about buying this house…. and possibly all the furnishings in it as well?

  14. i think that this is a wonderful house. wow was wondering what happened to you. hadnt heard anything for while. anyway, the fact that the bones of this house are in such great shape, and love love love that porch….just think sitting out there in any season well u know..but back to it, there would be so many thigs that you could do to personalise it and the fact that the house is in such good shape, the money that u could use to do other things to it that u may brainstorm. just think, u could have the perfect house with every single thing that you want in it, because you dont have to worry about spending money, and time…[that you could spend outside in flowers, with Wynn…]get my picture? Im 56 and i say GET THAT BEAUTIFUL HOME!!!

  15. i know ive already posted, but i feel the need lol. i went back and looked at both houses. They are both wonderful. but girl, the 2nd one. it still has sooo many possibilities, and you dont have to add on, and YOU CAN PLANT WIDFLOWERS… i have plenty of leftover seeds. ill send you some! dont let this house pass you by. its a dream come true and you may never find another like it.

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