House Beautiful: 101 Makeover Ideas

I have last year’s House Beautiful article “101 Makeover Ideas,” dog-eared, highlighted, marked-up, and otherwise loved to death and stowed away in my bedside table drawer. I refer to it all the time for new ideas and inspiration. I was ridiculously excited to stumble upon this brand new list of 101 Makeover Ideas for 2009. Have at it! Grab a cup of coffee and check out this year’s compilation of valuable design advice by 101 different designers for House Beautiful magazine.

Idea #29

“To give your rooms a cohesive, polished look, tell a color story with accessories. Start with the living room and strip out all the bits and pieces. Then choose one color and thread it back into the room with vases, candlesticks, pillows, and throws. Place a lacquered tray in the in the same color on the coffee table.” -Shawn Henderson

My personal favorites?
Idea #31

“Buy a cherry red mixer from Williams-Sonoma and bake a cake. It’s a very 1950s fantasy. Even if you never bake, it would cheer up your kitchen.” -Stephen Shubel
Idea #101
“Take a nap.

Image from bhg
When you wake up, everything will seem much nicer.” -Alexa Hampton
Idea #101 is my go-to decorating plan.
Which ideas on this list are stand-outs to you? Any ideas that you would add? Do share!


  1. I love the red mixer! It’s my favorite go-to accent color. I never use mixers, though. I just mix by hand. I bet I might use that mixer if I had it though. πŸ™‚

  2. You have such fun posts! I am flipping through these 101 things and WOWWY! Ggreat ideas. I too want the red mixer Beth πŸ™‚ and the colored glass knobs for the kitchen cabinets would be perfect in my little house. All in good time πŸ˜‰

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