Homemade Baby Food

It is hard to believe that Wynn turned 6 months old this month, and the time came to introduce him to solid food. I would have been happy to exclusively nurse him for a full year I think. Nevertheless, what is more fun than getting together with one of your best girlfriends, her darling baby, and making a bunch of homemade baby food from organic farmers market fare? Don’t forget the little glass jars and designer fabric lids. πŸ™‚

You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance.” Psalm 65:11


  1. how awesome! I’ve wondered about using the small Ball jars for just this pourpose… did you really can and seal them? if so, where did you find the info on that? I’ve always just gone the ice cube tray and freeze them method, but this is so much cuter, not to mention easier to take along on an outing!

  2. so much fun!
    I remember those days of making my own baby food!!!

    It seems like forever ago to me….

    enjoy those days and keep taking lots of pics!

  3. Those jars look so cute, can you share some recipes please my brother has a 7 month old baby who has started out on solid food , so I can pass the recipes on to her…

  4. Oh I miss those days already!!! Enjoy every minute of it!!!

    My babies both loved butternut squash and you get alot out of just one of them~It’s in season too! πŸ™‚

    Love that baby!


  5. Very cute.

    I made ALL of Adam’s baby food, and I’m not even a great cook. I made it with a friend and we froze it in ice cube trays, popped them out and then put the cubes in big ziploc bags. I just threw them in an old yogurt container in the morning and took them to daycare. So easy!

  6. Just wondering…is that cute fabric the only lid you have on there? I make my own baby food, but it’s any old glass jars that I can find around the house…rather have the cute ones!!!

  7. My baby is 3 months, and I would love to know how you did this (what you used and what you made) and where you found the jars… PLEASE??? πŸ™‚

  8. My aunt gave me a babyfood cookbook from Williams-Sonoma for my shower this weekend!!! I can’t WAIT!! And I reeeeaaaalllly want the little Beaba baby food maker (purees and steams all in one) from WS too!!!! Do you have it???? I love your jars!!

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