Lovers of Light

When it comes to photography, light is everything.

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I am fascinated by light and like to think that my photography is inspired by The Light of the World.

I especially love to take pictures in the hour before sunset, which is referred to as the Golden Hour.  The light is low and even in the sky.

wynn age 3

I recently came across a photography competition called “Lovers of Light”, hosted byVELUX ® .  The name of the contest caught my attention immediately.  I would have loved to have entered but the contest had just ended . . .   maybe next year?  VELUX apparently knows photographers and the importance of light- they sell a wide range of custom windows and window treatments.  How amazing would a natural light photography studio be if it were made out of windows like these?

If you love light-drenched photos as much as I do, check out the finalists in the VELUX Lover’s of Light competition.  They are all very inspiring.

To close, here is my boy and his Grammy, just before sunset.  I love the emotion captured and the golden hour light.

grammy and wynn garden small

This post is gladly written in cooperation with VELUX webshop, but the content and opinions are genuine and original to the author (that’s me!).


  1. Erin – you are an incredibly talented photographer. I’ve read most if not all of your blog and I can’t recall if you mentioned you’ve had any formal photography/camera training?, but I am so envious. I have two boys around the same age as yours and would love to capture them with photographs the way that you do!

    You truly have a gift!

  2. Kelly, that is so sweet of you!! I started shooting with a DSLR camera after Wynn was born and I was doing my baby bedding and wanting to get good product photos. I took a class online to learn to shoot in Manual and have since taken 4 or 5 other classes that way. I will write a post about this for sure. If you look through my archives to Mary or June 2011, there is a post I wrote about getting started in photography with links to classes I first took! I’d link you myself but James is crying for me-I should know better by now than to be on the internet during his waking hours 😉

  3. Thanks, Corrie! I will put a post together for sure. Thank you for the sweet words, I agree that God has blessed us richly and I feel pretty undeserving!

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