Glittering Eyes and Everyday Magic

Something seems to have shifted in my heart these past few weeks.  While I’ve always cherished being a mother, God seems to have opened my eyes to the fleeting time that is this childhood I get to spend with my babes.   My oldest is turning 4 next week.  In a blink he will turn 14, and then 40.  Tonight I snuggled my boy, still 3, and he rubbed his nose up to mine and said “mommy . . . sweet mommy.”

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Our lives seem to be following the rhythm of the seasons.  As winter works to fade to spring, my camera and I have become magic-seekers.

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Recording what this childhood feels like, in this magical beautiful place at the foot of God’s mountains in rural North Carolina.


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Tiny wonder.

James January Sky

God sent us the most amazing “pet,” my boys could imagine.  Meet Humphrey, our eastern screech owl.  He took up residence in a tree in our yard about 2 months ago.  We love to watch his comings and goings.


My Boy baked a birthday cake for Humphrey several weeks ago and I stood in the rain, under an umbrella with him, singing happy birthday to this poor owl who was scared back inside his tree trunk.  Thank you for being such a good sport, Humphrey, we love you. Please stay!

My Baby in the backyard at sunset, going on 17 months.

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My Boy and his lost balloon at daybreak.

rare and beautiful treasures blog daybreak

Wagon ride with daddy.

wagon ride at sunset


I’m looking forward to capturing and sharing the first signs of SPRING!!  C’mon spring, you can do it!

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  1. I love hearing from you as it so reminds me when my darling girl was this age. Whaaa! She just turned 20 and the clock does speed by even as I enjoyed so much time watching her grow and spread her wings. She just arrived home from university for Spring Break, I’m very clear we are nearing the time when our home (my home) will not be her home, in the day-to-day sense. While the memories are locked away in my heart, I do miss seeing her bright and shining face every day. Thank you for speaking the love language of your heart regarding your sweet babies.

  2. Your pictures never cease to amaze me as you caputure the beauty God delights our senses with. The faces of “delight” and “wonder” are the sweetest ever. Your owl is such fun and I am just grinning thinking of the cake and singing under the umbrella – a memory bank deposit of great value. It does go fast and you are a wise mama to enjoy each day:)

  3. God is good…the photos are stunning..and you get the gift of watching this glorious childhood unfold before your eyes.
    Thanks for son is 25 now and I still have so many photos I have not added to an album but stillwonderous memories for my heart of my one and only.
    God bless and keep your little family..looking forward to the next sharing :}

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