Freeman House

Have you visited Freeman House lately?

It has been there for so long, just waiting.
Didn’t you know?


You are truly missing out.

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite places to spend a bit of time. Figuratively, of course. Freeman House is “a rambling old fixer-upper” belonging to blogger Brin, and her partner in crime, Miss Millie.

Isn’t she dreamy?

Brin writes one of my all-time favorite blogs. Brin began blogging back in 2005, after she suddenly decided to leave her “hectic city life behind for Freeman House -a rambling old fixer-upper in the heart of a small town that time forgot.”
Brin’s journey from city life to country life reads like a novel. I recommend starting from the beginning. I did. I read through four years of Freeman House in one rainy and splendid weekend.

I know you will enjoy this story as much as I do. Moreover, Brin is an avid gardener, cook, seamstress, knitter, and writer, all the while renovating her beloved Freeman House.
She has a beautiful way of documenting her “messy, thrilling, blessed life.”

Stop by and visit Brin at Freeman House. She is sure to welcome you warmly and serve you the perfect cup of tea. It will feel like home, at long last.

Sweet, wonderful home.


  1. I’ve been following Brin and her messy, thrilling life for about 9 months. Yes, it’s a beautiful site. Yours is just as gorgeous!! I’ve been peeking around in here and love your blog!! Dreamy!

  2. Hey, Erin! It’s me, mrspaz, from the nest:) Hope things are going well! Finally got my own blog up and running…but I wanted to ask you about Brin and the Freeman house. I had never heard of it before until this morning when you posted and now I’ve been reading as much as I can since then! But I’m worried – is she really losing the house? Is the bakery closing? I feel so bad. Thanks for getting me interested:)

  3. I had been following Brin’s blog but for awhile it seems she stopped blogging so I stopped following…so glad she is back…and I will be back as well!

  4. Hi Sarah! Brin has been pretty tight lipped about specifics, but I believe she lost her job some time ago and has been really struggling to hold onto Freeman House, at one point I know she was selling almost everything in the house which broke my heart. I am not sure about the bakery, she only opened it several months ago and I did read her post about it possibly closing but she hasn’t shared any details. I’m praying for her!

  5. Thanks for responding, Erin! I was touched by her story, seems like she had finally achieved her dream…I would hate for the whole thing not to work out. And so sad about her grandfather. Everything else must be on hold while she spends time with her family. I will now pray for her and them and that house and shop as well, thanks for sharing, so inspiring:)

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