{Finally} A Nursery Update

There is just something about linen. The gauzy weight, the simple texture, there is just so much to love when it comes to linen.

I made the crib skirt for our nursery out of two different linens-the upper portion of the drop is an off-white medium weight 100% linen and the bottom trim is a lighter weight cream 100% linen. I sewed this skirt with raw edges exposed (but secured) to give it extra texture and a little push in the “boy” direction.

I debated back and forth on having a changing table in the nursery. I knew I didn’t want to buy a “changing table” specific piece of furniture, but I saw the benefit in buying a small sized dresser that we could affix a changing pad to, making the piece usable down the road once the changing pad is removed.
Despite months of casual looking I hadn’t really found anything that I was excited about until I stumbled on this darling antique washstand at a local antique store. That was how it was labeled- “antique washstand.” Probably to garner more interest out of pregnant saps like me than if it had been labeled “small old dresser.” Can you believe that it was already painted this color-the perfect blue/green and already had original crystal hardware!? It was exceptionally affordable as well, comparable to buying a painted plywood changing table from a discount store.

I am in love!
I promise the next nursery update will be coming shortly, I finally feel like I am tying up the loose ends and pulling everything together-my house has been full of half-finished projects for months now. I cannot wait to pull it all together and share this special space with you!
Thanks Friends!


  1. Oh Erin you SO lucked out finding that changing table! The nursery is going to be perfectly beautiful! <3

  2. What a find – perfect size and perfect color! It really is an old washstand. I love the crib skirt you made. I am looking forward to seeing the finished nursery.

    ~ Tracy

  3. That “washstand” is such a score ! Such lovely color ! You did the right thing not buying a specific piece of furniture just to change diapers. I did exactly what you did, I strapped a changing pad to a dresser and used that for the first six months. After that, I just throw a dishtowel on the floor, and change them right there ! I didn’t even use a changing table/pad with my second. That lovely dresser will be a treasure in your boy’s room for years to come. And your linens ? So summery breezy beautiful I feel like a nap. πŸ™‚


  4. I LOVE it so much! You need to start your own nursery line on Etsy…I would buy it if I had another baby!!! πŸ™‚

  5. wow!! I am in love with your wash stand – turned- changing table!! It’s perfect! I’m also a huge fan of linen … especially with curtains! πŸ™‚

  6. Looks like a really sweet nursery! I love the linen and the changing table. We were lucky to have free hand me down stuff like a crib and a cradle and a changing table. Even though I didn’t really want all that, we had it so we used it! If I had my choice, I’d have done what you did with the wash stand. Much more versatile!

  7. It is so darling!! It seems like your pregnancy is going so fast (at least for me the reader)! Can’t wait to see more of the nursery!

  8. Love it all so far! We too are using an old dresser I refinished for our third little one’s changing table. The first 2 we used my old vanity table from when I was growing up. Congratulations!


  9. Wow, that changing table/dresser is beautiful! I can’t believe you found it and didn’t even have to do any work to it! I love when things like that happen. I totally agree with you on not buying an actual changing table. Versatility is the name of the game!

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