Easter Reflections

Six months ago I sat in the parking lot at my obstetrician’s office waiting for our much-anticipated 20 week ultrasound. I was excited to know the sex of our sweet baby, but all around my excitement was the dark shadow of fear. It felt like that fear was to the right and the left of me, and I sat in my car trying to work up the courage to walk through it.

“What if there was something wrong with the baby?”

“What if our baby was sick?”

I looked fear in the face that afternoon and saw directly down to its twisted root: I had done absolutely nothing in my life to make myself worthy of the healthy son I would soon know was growing inside my womb. The root of my fear was my inability to accept that nothing I would ever do could ever make me worthy. It was simply too great a gift.

And so it is with salvation.

So it was at Calvary.

So it is with His son, as it is with mine.

Celebrating today the sacrifice of the breath of heaven and the resurrection that changed the world; new life to which none of us can ever be worthy and yet by grace is offered to us all,


  1. Well, not quite all of us. 🙁 We were recently diagnosed 100% infertile. Still struggling to figure out what God has planned for us.

  2. Well said. Recently my pregnant dil asked me how I felt when I was pregnant with my boys and you pretty much summed it up. Such an amazing gift and I am honored that my boys were gifted to me.

    Your little one is adorable. I can tell from your words you will be a wonderful mother and that you know to cherish each and every moment you have with him.

    ~ Tracy

  3. He is so precious, and you look like the happiest mom! 🙂 What a blessing! Makes me want one 😉

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