Life is better with a dream.
Have a plan hidden in your heart to sustain you.
Believe God for big things.

Feast on faith!
Don’t settle.
At this point in my life my dream is to have a cottage in the country-a fixer-a low mortgage payment if any at all, lots of home improvement projects, with acres for six or seven children to run and play. I want to raise children to the glory of the Lord. I want my life to bear fruit for generation after generation. Like Abraham, I want to see those generations like grains of sand at my feet as I look down from heaven.
I want to be a homeschooling mommy. I want to be with my children and direct them toward their True North.
I dream of my husband having a job that allows him to work from home so that I have more time with him in this life than evenings and weekends. When did life become that way? At what price? I dream of more. We dream of more together. It is a tie that binds our marriage together, our heads on our pillows at night, whispering dreams and making plans. Maybe someday his commute will be the distance from our bed to the coffee pot, instead of the current 45 minute interstate drive in heavy traffic.
I dream of living closer to my parents, so that I can take the occassional evening walk in the woods with my dad, holding onto his arm, loving his scent of fresh coffee and the feel of his well-worn L.L. Bean jacket. I like to soak up his wisdom. How did I end up a 7 hour drive from him?Everything that is right and lovely in my life is amplified when I am one-on-one with my dad. He makes a person glad to be alive-to walk with him is know goodness and love and the kind of comfort that inspires me to throw both arms up to heaven, head thrown back in praise to the magnificent Lord.

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  1. ‘Life is better with a dream’ – love this. And I have a similar dream, though a few steps behind 🙂

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