Dream Property

What is your dream property?

Beach-side mansion?

Renovated Victorian?

Mountain house?

Mine is a house in the country on a good chunk of acreage.
This home, well “farm”, which I stumbled on at Architectural Digest absolutely fits the bill for my dream country home. Of course, a lot of other homes would fit the bill as well-that is the beauty of houses, they are like ice cream flavors, you can never have enough variety!
This property had me at the white picket fence, but the sheep in the last photo sealed the deal. Did I mention that my dream country property includes sheep? Blame it on The Thorn Birds or my all-time favorite movie, Cold Mountain (I also want to name the baby Inman, but Mr. Marvelous is not having it!)

Click here for the renovation story behind this lovely country estate.


  1. If you like old farm properties, boy do I have the place for you. Ever heard of Blackberry Farm in Tennessee? One word: heaven.

  2. beautiful home! I wish I lived there! I always thought my dream was a beach home. But after Pioneer Woman and pics like these- I might be changing my ways.

  3. My dream home would have to include somewhat of a farm house and access to some water (perf. ocean)… I’ve actually NEVER seen the ocean… just a country girl from Idaho that just hasn’t ever made it yet πŸ™ BUT I love the colors and just the idea calms me. My home is very cottagey with a lot of light blue, tans, white and yellows. I’m destined to see the ocean some day… Maybe me and my boys will all see it together for the first time…

  4. Gorgeous! I could dig it. I think I’d prefer a lakehouse in the mountains though.

    And if you name that baby Inman I will love you forever. That is a COOL name.

  5. The second photo took my breath away! How beautiful! I could be content where I am, but I really would LOVE to live in a house like this one day. Stun.ning. Wendy xx

  6. Oh, these pictures are killing me!! This is what I want and I am currently in a subdivision with rules against gardens and clotheslines and hanging a rug to dry over your porch rail! Aaaaah!!

  7. Amanda-I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go Blackberry Farm, it is one of my dream places to go, but so unbelievably expensive! πŸ™

  8. πŸ™‚ My dream house is a custom designed (by me of course) Modern/traditional in the woods set way back from the road so that the journey through the trees builds up the anticipation of the structure at the end of the path:) Think Falling water…with out the waterfall.
    Love you! Hope you’re doing well.

  9. What a beautiful property!

    I love where we live (in a family community near the lake) but…

    My dream home seems to change as I go along in life. I used to want an old house with character and charm, one that needed a bit of love and tender care, within walking distance to a cute street with cute shops, maybe in a smallish town or one that had that small town feeling where everyone said “Hi” to each other even if you didn’t know who they were. As I type this, I would still like that.

    What I’ve been dreaming of lately is a place in Hawaii (maybe a condo/house), a bit of backyard, a pool, on the ocean with a beautiful outdoor eating area. I picture the sun shining, the windows open and a warm breeze blowing through.

    Ok, a little extravagant but one can dream!

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