Dream Come True

Once, I was a little girl. As a little girl, I was a dreamer. I had plans to become many things: an Olympic gymnast, a ballerina, an author. I had a dogged determination. I was the only nine year-old who showed up for her first creative writing class and raised her hand to ask the instructor what the appropriate steps were to seek publication. I distinctly remember the instructor laughing, while I had no idea what was funny.

I also dreamed of becoming a mother. My first baby doll was a boy named Sherwin. I was young during the Sherwin days and I didn’t fully comprehend the role of motherhood: I knew I was supposed to give Sherwin his pacifier and change his diaper but I also planned to marry him when I grew up. My older sisters laughed at me and told me that I couldn’t marry poor Sherwin. They also told me I couldn’t marry the family dog. Funny how “love” is simply love in a child’s heart. No boundaries, no distinctions, just all encompassing.

Today I am close to realizing my dream of motherhood. Mere weeks, in fact. It has been a long road but I was born with that dogged determination to chase dreams. So here I sit: a grown woman with the heart of a little girl inside her and the life of a baby boy about to break free. I wonder what that little girl would think if she could see us now?

Have I done us proud?

I am counting on her to stay with me. I am counting on her to sing joy and whisper love to this little boy.

I am counting on her to teach him how to dream and how to believe God for big things.

I have, after all, proven to her that dreams can come true.

I hope she never lets any of us forget.


  1. That is beautiful Erin! So excited for you, just a couple weeks away now!

    I love the title of your post-‘Dream Come True’, it’s the title of the poem my husband wrote for me and read to me (and our guests) on our wedding day. 🙂

  2. anticipation is such a beautiful thing…and I am finding myself anticipating his arrival with you.

    **go on dates with your hubby in these next few weeks!

  3. Erin, I loved this touching post…We all have that little girl inside us…Thanking you for sharing your story and waking my little girl inside of me…:) Meme

  4. SHERWIN!!!! I remember Sherwin!! And Helga and Gracie!!!! Do you remember the all-out birthday parties we’d have for them, and your mom would make us a cake and we’d decorate and EVERYTHING? LOVE that memory!

  5. i just happened to stumble upon your blog…and cried…beautiful post and so touching…i think along the journey of life so many of us forget our childhood dreams or let others tell us they are not worthy to hang on to…what beautiful hopes you have for that little one who is destined to live his dreams…

    faded prairie

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