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I love these windows.  They remind me of the nursery in Peter Pan, where Wendy opens the way for Peter and Tinker Bell to lead them all to Never Never Land.  Beautiful!

Image via here.

Here is a similar style of window.  Don’t you love this children’s bedroom?  The wire baskets are great contrast to all the delicate white. Love the bed curtains.

Image via here.

Vintage wallpaper.  I LOVE it! 
Image here.
I love my subway tile with a dash of pink.
image, here


  1. What great inspiration! Love the laundry room – would have to switch out the pink for aqua! Love the windows in the bedrooms!

  2. Love the wire baskets, too, but notice they are completely empty. The only empty space in my kids’ room is their bookshelf and that is because all the reading material (which is quite a lot) is covering the floor…I think they made a recycling center or so they claim. Sigh.

  3. I love the childrens’ bedroom. It reminds me of the room I used to sleep in at my Grandmother’s house (without the bed curtains). It was a tiny little sunroom just wide enough for the bed, which was covered with a luxurious gold satin quilted comforter. I would wake up with the sun in my eyes and just lay there savoring the beauty…Maybe that’s why I still (after 50 years) still have such a hard time getting out of bed each morning!

  4. That wallpaper was so cool how it flowed so perfectly into the next room – the kids’ room looked very Laylarific with the white horizontal boards like she has in her house, don’t cha think? And yes, with the window – I was thinking the same. exact. thing.

  5. Erin- so nice to read your blog and feel I know you! I had posted a photo of your bedroom on my blog without knowing to whom it belonged-it is on my Jan 19 entry if you want to check-and Layla set me straight! 🙂

    Luke 9:23 is my life verse!!! I hope your Harvest is going well. 🙂


  6. I am so excited for you!
    Hope it doesn’t take to long. I know all will be fine. Your faith has and will carry you to where you are suppose to be.
    Who else could decorate and make it a home ,you’re the best
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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