Design Consultation GIVEAWAY: Take 2!

This Contest has ended! Thank you, readers!

Don’t you think it is time for another Design Consultation give-away with the talented Ms. Layla at the Lettered Cottage!?!

Many of you reading this are already familiar with the wonderful, talented Layla, of The Lettered Cottage. If you don’t know Layla’s work, head over to her blog and check out her talents in interior design. Layla offers fantastic Design Consultation Services through her blog. Just send her a photo or photos of the room you want help with and, depending on the design consultation you chose, she will either send you detailed written feedback on how to design your room or photos of your room re-designed, or a 3D image of your room redesigned. It is fabulous! Click the image below to view my favorite of Layla’s design consultations, which she featured on her blog.

As a spring kick-off, it is time for another Design Consultation giveaway! Isn’t there a room in your house that could use a spring redesign? To enter for a chance to win a free design consultation, simply leave a comment to this post! I will select one lucky winner for a written design consultation with Layla!!

Please leave your email address in your comment so I have a way to contact you should you be the winner! If you don’t want to leave your email address, and you have a blog, I will contact you by leaving a comment on your blog. I will also post the winner here, Thursday night at 9 p.m. Eastern time!!


  1. Oh she is awesome! I had the pleasure of meeting her yesterday and she is beautiful inside and out and is wonderful at her job!

    {{Big Hugs}}


  2. I would give anything for a consultation! My hubby and I moved into our home about 3 years ago and have done nothing interesting with our family room… I can’t come up with any decent ideas! I need help, stat! πŸ™‚

  3. I want to change my formal dining room into a useful office space (but I want it to match the rest of my country cottage home style), so please enter me!

  4. oh my! how fabulous! I just started my quest room remodel. Layla is very inspiring. what fun to work with her.
    thank you

  5. Slowly but surely I’ve updated my 1984 house over the past five years, but one room escapes me – the front bath. I installed a Stilstone countertop, vessel sink and new faucets. I want a WOW front bath but I am at a loss. I just know Layla would turn it around for me. πŸ˜€

  6. What a great giveaway. I would love for Layla to give me some design advice. So, I sure hope I win!

  7. Oh, please oh, please– choose me! I’ve got a long narrow living room that is driving me CRAZY.

  8. Yeah, another give away!!! Thank you so much! I’ve started a notebook with a ton of design ideas. It’s been alot of fun thanks to you’re suggestions. I’m still confused though about what to do with my bedroom. It has become the room we dump things in and NOT the nice romantic room I would like for it to be. I would love to get some input from Layla.

  9. I love the Lettered Cottage, it is one of the blogs I check first every morning. I love everything Layla does.

  10. Oh I would love to win. I need major help with my living room to give it that warm cozy feel.

  11. I stumbled across “The Lettered Cottage”. I love her design and hope one day I will be able to incorporate some ideas into my home one day.

  12. I am new to The Lettered Cottage – but I love everything Layla does – she is helping me put the finishing touches on a new bathroom – but, oh, how I would love some advice for my master bedroom, and the dining room, and the kitchen and . . .!!!

  13. I would love and need a consultation! Especially from her….as I am addicted to her blog!I started a bedroom redo last summer and I am stuck! I also have a kitchen that is pure white!
    Please help a Delta girl?
    Mary Beth at

  14. Oh how I want and NEED a consultation!! We are newly weds and newly homeowners as well! I have worked hard making the entertaining areas of our home “entertainable” and welcoming to guests. My sweet husband has spent weekend after weekend working with his dad making other parts of the house more functional for me! the last month of weekends has been spent updating the garage so that I can park my car in there… my husband has not even asked to park in there – so sweet! And our first major renovation will be for MY laundry room!!

    So I need help transforming our bedroom into a wonderful sanctuary for HIM (and me). It has been totally overlooked. It is a box with furniture and 1 nice painting on the wall! ugh!

    Please Help! Thanks!

  15. Oh my goodness! This would be SO AWESOME! I read and reread your blog as well as Layla’s and I must say you both have absolutly beautiful homes! I would have a awful time deciding which room to have her help me with!! They could ALL use her help!!! So I could win one and then hire her to help with the rest maybe!!! Oh what a super idea! pick me please!!!

  16. I just tried to post but it didnt work~ Ok, so here I go again! I would dearly LOVE to win this. I could have her do the one room then hire her to do the rest of the house πŸ™‚ I love her style as well as yours! Love both and reread them often!! This is a great giveaway!

  17. Good grief I need a consult! My fiance and I want to fix up our house before we get married here next year – and boy do we need help! HEELLLLP! How about our living room? Or Dining room? Pretty please?

  18. Love, love love Layla’s work. I really enjoy seeing her before and after pictures. And what she did with her own kitchen, simply amazing.
    I wish I could afford her services, not that she is expensive, it’s just I want every room in my house done by her.
    Thanks for the chance with your giveaway.
    Krista – way up in Calgary, Alberta Canada

  19. oh wow…
    i adore her blog and would love for her to do some work on my new house that’s being built. i need all the help i can get!!!!

    my email is:

    or you are more than welcome to leave a message on the blog!

  20. Layla’s sight is absolutely beautiful and by answering two small questions for me (which are available on her website and extremely affordable at $5 each!!!) she has already helped me so much with her great insight. I would love to be able to send her pictures of the crazy zig-zag open design of my dining room and kitchen (we’re pretty sure the previous owners that built the house were sipping a little too much wine when they were working on their blueprints!) so she could bring it together with her wonderful designs. Thanks for this giveaway, Erin πŸ™‚

  21. I found the Lettered Cottage just yesterday and I swear I spent half the day on it going over post after post after post. We live in a 1925 cottage that has seen its remodel postponed until the economy settles down. We are trying to pretty up the rooms in the meantime. Thanks for the opportunity for Layla’s help.

  22. My 50’s living room needs lots of help,
    It suffers from the blahs.
    If Layla was my design consultant,
    I’d soon be hearing oohs and aahs.

    Beverly in Iowa

  23. Sign me up, please! I check Layla’s blog every day to see if she’s posted any new inspiration for me! I think the hardest part about winning this would be which room to ask for her help on! They all need a big re-do!

    Thanks for sponsoring the contest!

  24. I’m a follower of Layla. I’m anxious to see what she is going to do with my family room addition. She is supposed to have my design done soon but I could always use another one.

    BTW- I have that scripture (at the top right on your blog) hand painted around my family room. I also had a friend compose a song based on that scripture that I love too. (Janice Kapp Perry is her name.)

  25. I loooove Layla’s blog! I have it set as my home page!!
    I would love a consult! I am putting my house on the market and would love some advice for my lounge room!! Hellllp me all the way in Australia!!!

  26. I would love to get a makeover from Layla! I love her work. I really hope that she does get a shot at being the next design star. I would definitely be an avid watcher! Between being mom of 3, Girl Scout co-leader, PTA president, making prayer quilts,helping my husband run his business and starting my own there is just no time or energy to come up with ideas for the house. I would have to have a party to bring everyone over to brag about my “Layla Room”!


  27. i need a living room consult and I love her style! barrynchristie @

  28. I just discovered her blog yesterday and have barely gotten to explore it. What I have seen, I absolutely LOVE! I’ve already gotten a few great ideas for my own home.

  29. I have a wonderful challenge for Layla. We recently put in a home gym. I would love some advice making it a great space to work out. Not the typical β€œGUY” home gym. Thanks, Becca

  30. I have a wonderful challenge for Layla. We recently put in a home gym. I would love some advice making it a great space to work out. Not the typical β€œGUY” home gym. Thanks, Becca

  31. Love Layla’s work. She is a genius…and an inspiration to those of us who are designers at heart, but maybe not so much in mind! I’ve got a lovely daughter who is ready to move into a big girl room, and I want to make it breathtaking!

    Mary Feagley

  32. Wow, what a great giveaway!!! Layla does amazing work…I’d love to see what she could do with my living room!!

  33. How exciting to give away a make over. Every woman’s dream of winning. Please enter me as well. thank you,

  34. I agree, Layla is awesome! I would love to have a consultation with her. She needs to make yet another trip to Nashville!

    Thanks for another great opportunity.

  35. I love reading yours and Layla’s blogs. It has given me great ideas for my 1915 bungalow, but I need some help with my living room/dining room areas. I would love to win a consulation with Layla. Thank you for doing the giveaways.

    Joy (

  36. I too am a landlocked midwesterner with so much snow right now I am wondering if I will ever see daffodils! It is wonderful to discover your blog today – I read Layla faithfully and will add your link to my favorites at Forever Cottage! Have a great day. Jill

  37. I am struggling with my kitchen redo so this couldn’t come at a better time! Thanks for being so generous and thinking of us! hugs!

  38. I am completely “stuck” on furnishing a space I just finished building. I think it’s time for professional help…I’d love a consultation.

  39. I stubbled across the Lettered Cottage just a short while ago while “blog surfing” and ever since then I’ve been hooked! I was so inspired I took up blogging again and am loving it! I would love a chance to win πŸ™‚ Tammy ,

  40. Love Layla’s blog. She has a great sense of style, of which, I have none. I could so use one of her consults. Btw, I clicked over from Layla’s blog and love the pics of your house.

  41. I came across your lovely blog on Layla’s lovely blog. You both have an amazing eye for design. I would be delighted to have this opportunity!

  42. OOOhhh my fiance and I just bought an adorable 1923 brick tudor, with a 19×15 living room, that I have NO idea what to do with! I can’t even begin to come up with paint colors πŸ™‚ This would be perfect!

  43. Ooooooh my fiance and I just bought an adorable 1923 brick tudor, and I have an empty 19×15 living room that we have NO idea what to do with! I can’t even decide on a paint color! Would love a consultation πŸ™‚

  44. I have a brand new big house and I’m really struggling with decorating so many rooms. This would really help me out, not to mention make me very happy!

  45. Delightful blog! Love all she does and how see makes a room feel. I have a finished basement that needs ‘Help’ with the design. I have 4 chilren who do homework, craft, play watch TV, play the wii!!! and is the room for Grandparents to stay when they visit! All that in one location! mind boggling hard to decorate….
    Would love to be considered in this giveaway!

  46. Absolutely love Laylas blog!!!I was inspired by her kitchen re-do and decided to tackle a project of my own. I am in awe of such talent and how easy design comes to so many of the blogs I follow. I am design-challenged and would love a consult with Layla!

  47. Being that our master is painted and has furniture… I could use some serious help! πŸ™‚ I’ve loved following Layla’s blog – wish I had even a teeny tiny bit of that talent!! πŸ™‚

  48. Definitely sign me up!!! We are trying to pick paint colors and combine two households.

    ek224 @ (remove spaces)

  49. Oooh oooh! I could use Layla’s help with a basement room… its positively ripe with possibilities! Please enter me to win!
    gigihereandnow @ (remove spaces)

    PS – thanks for hosting this contest! πŸ™‚

  50. I would love some help for my bedroom. I’m wanting more from it and not sure how to go about it. Thanks!

  51. I’m getting married and we’re going to re-do my bedroom…so that it’s OUR bedroom when we get married…and I don’t know what to do πŸ™
    you have my info. πŸ™‚

  52. I would LOVE a Layla consultation! Love, love love her kitchen & know she would be perfecy to give me some ideas for my DR makeover.

    wtp_72 at hotmail dot com


  53. I stumbled upon “The Lettered Cottage” recently and I am in love! I could definitely use one of her design consults!!

  54. I love, love, love the Lettered Cottage. Layla has helped me (through her blog and beautiful photos) more than she could possibly know. I’ve been in an 1850’s house for 5 years and am very slowly beginning to make it “mine”. What a great offer!

  55. So many rooms in my 1940 something Tudor cottage would benefit from Layla’s help. The tiny bedroom shared by my two boys (13 and 9), the slightly larger bedroom shared by my two girls (12 and 8), the kitchen with the tiny eating area, the too-dark den – the list goes on and on! Here’s hoping the random selector picks me! Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. oh yes….her work is beautiful. I would love to win and see if she can come up with something good for my living room / office!

  57. I follow Layla’s blog every chance I get. I am in a complete funk about my living room. It is high time for a change, but I don’t know where to begin. I would love Layla’s help because her taste is just exquisite.

  58. I was just recently introduced to The Lettered Cottage/ Layla’s blog and I think her ideas are so adorable! I found your blog from her blog so I am looking forward to checking out your design ideas as well. I could REALLY use Laylas help with our entire house, but I would probably pick the living room or kitchen if i was to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  59. What a wonderful giveaway. I was referred to your blog(s) though other decorating blogs and now I’m a fan. πŸ™‚ I love Layla’s designs and can’t wait to catch up on both blogs which are now bookmarked to read as soon as I get a few extra minutes! We’re renovating our home which is an old farmhouse (all cosmetic work) and I could really use some more inspiration. Thanks!

  60. Hi Erin, please add me to the draw. I really need some help with our open plan, living, dinning, kitchen. I it one big blah at the moment. Thank you, Rennae (

  61. Hmmm…a sad event occurred. I wrote such a cute and happy note and then the internet gods chose to void it all. Oh well…I would love to have some Layla inspiration on either my Master Bedroom or my hallway bath…I need a fresh eye on the decor..and Layla can doctor any needy space. Cheers~

    PS I go on Spring Break in 1 week which gives me ample time to engage in a true makeover asap. πŸ™‚

  62. Oh my gosh this would be great! I have this wonderful living room with beautiful windows and shutters…but, I don’t know what to do with it! It has the kids Tv and wii and my grandmothers beautiful old china cabinet….Ummm they really don’t go together!oh and not to mention it’s the first room you see when you enter my home! I really need help! I’m crossing my fingers!

    Thanks and have a lovely evening!


  63. 119 comments??? Wow! You have arrived! I couldn’t get that many comments if I paid people.

    loved catching up on your beautiful blog!!

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