Dear Birthday Boy,

My Dearest A,
Do you know that you were born into this world 6 years ago today? And that I remember your first breath? That I memorized the sound of your first cry and the feel of your tiny finger when it reached for mine?
Did you know that it has been you and me, from the beginning?
That every little boy needs an Aunt E?

That I made just a few close friends in law school because I always rushed home to be with you, play with you, rock you? Do you know that I had more fun with you in a minute than I would have in an evening with those others?
Do you know that you made me see the world in a new way? You made me see the beauty.

You made me wonder.
And believe.

Do you know that the day you were born, heaven opened up and poured its secrets into your big, beautiful blue eyes?
Do you know that I still see heaven there?
Do you know that I was there on your first birthday? That we ate chocolate cake and chased balloons? That you were just learning to walk and were proud to toddle around holding my hand?

That I was there on your second birthday? That you cried blowing out your candles? That we raced down the slides together?

And that I was there for your third birthday?

And your fourth?
And your Fifth?
And all the days in between?
Do you know that you made me believe in Santa Claus?
And that we were always silly together and had inside jokes?
I know that you know I am not there today. On your 6th birthday. Because you are there and I am here and there are many miles in between.
Do you know that you are in my heart, dear one?

That God is teaching me obedience, and patience and trust because we are apart?

And that God therefore still speaks to me through your big, blue eyes.

Happy birthday to my darling Adam, my partner in crime, my best buddy, and my first “baby.”
I will love you forever and ever and ever,
Aunt E


  1. Beautiful! I’m still close to some people who call me “Aunt,” and their children even resemble your birthday boy. I think your love for your nephew is a treasure you will enjoy forever!

  2. Don’t know which is sweeter — his face or yours so full of love for him!

    He’s a blessed boy to have such a special bond with his Aunt Erin. πŸ˜€


  3. what a beautiful post! What an amazing relationship must share with your little blue-eyed man! blessings to you and yours!

  4. that was the sweetest thing i think i’ve ever read! i could hardly see through the tears welling up in my eyes!

  5. I had to re-read that letter to make sure I read correctly that you are the aunt and not the mom! πŸ™‚ And what a sweet and loving aunt you are. I can’t wait to see the letter you write for your children!

  6. So precious. I am that special Aunt E, also known as ‘other mother’ to my ‘first’ baby boy, now a sixteen year old. I know those feelings, oh how I know. I have many many older neices and nephews,I’ve been an aunt since the age of five, but he was my ‘first’. The one I was ready for. The one who changed my life. My little sister and I are best buds, but the best thing she ever did for me was allow me to be that other mother. She now has 3 and I have two, and they are all close, more like siblings than cousins. Thanks for sharing, it is nice to see there is someone who understands those feelings.

  7. Erin…this one made me tear up a lot!!! how precious!! ps-i voted for you:) Stephanie

  8. Simply Beautiful! I don’t have any children of my own but your post made me think of my much younger brother (11 yrs younger who was in some ways like my own child) and brought tears to my eyes.

    What an amazing aunt you are! He is blessed to have you in his life and you are too. πŸ™‚

  9. WOW!!!! make me cry, why don’t ya! That was so beautiful! you inspire me to do one for my daughters!!! THANK you for that!

  10. hey friend! i just gave you an award at my blog! go get it! dont forget to follow the rules! have fun!

  11. Oh…I love this post…so sweet!!!

    This is my first visit to your blog…I love it!!! I look forward to returning!!!


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