Creating a Cozy Guest Room

Expecting overnight guests? Here are some quick tips to create a cozy, welcoming room from the editors of Canadian Home and Country!

1. Do what the Europeans do: invest in a goose down comforter. Better still, try a flannel duvet cover with it!

2. Problems with drafty windows? Hang heavy lined velvet drapes to cut drafts—and your heating bill.

3. Flickering candlelight or light from a kerosene lantern imbues rooms with a sense of warmth.

4. Create instant virtual warmth by painting walls in warm tones, such as butter yellow.

5. Collect vintage wool blankets for layering under duvets.

6. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles within the same color palette. Pair delicate cotton floral linens (at least 400 thread count!) with bold red matelassé pillow shams, then layer them on a vintage wrought-iron bed.

7. Your olfactory senses can go a long way to creating comfort—the familiar scent of roses has a relaxing effect before bedtime.

8. Keep yellows on the warm side, and use reds with orange or brown undertones.

9. Creating coziness shouldn’t stop with your decor; invest in extra-soft pyjamas to curl up in, and use an old stool to keep your jammies handy.


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