cottage curb appeal

A dutch door, like the one pictured above,  is on my “long-term” wish list for our beach cottage.  I am saving my pretty pennies for one.  So much charm.

In the meantime, I am working on painting the front door that we already have “Heritage Red” by Benjamin Moore.  It is a bright lipstick red:

Photo via Country Living, featuring Benjamin Moore Heritage Red
Our beach cottage is white and came with black shutters.  There was something cold about the black and white-probably because the black was vinyl. {I know that black and white can be classic, of course}.  After studying a lot of pictures of white houses with black trim, I realized that most of the truly beautiful white/black houses had brick accents {walkways, chimneys, etc}that warmed up the exteriors considerably.  Long story short, we took down the black shutters and I am in the midst of painting several layers of lipstick on the front door. It should be an inexpensive, high-impact update.
Do you love the combination of white and a touch red?  Very farmhouse/cottage/homey.
I am planning to pair the white and red with copper accents.  
{Progress Lighting available here}

Next summer I hope to update our date concrete front walkway with pavers in a herringbone pattern. 

 For now we are busy eeking out the last days of summer in Northern Michigan . . .


  1. I LOVE your ideas for your cottage. I am pining for a new front door too. One that will actually unlock & lock when I need it to (75 years old), and that has windows to let light into our drab foyer.

  2. Love the images. Dutch doors are so quaint and I love the red accents. That’s what color my front door is! :)Copper will be a great accent too. Can’t wait to see.

  3. I just love a red door; it always looks good on a white house. I can’t wait to how lovely yours looks!

  4. I totally agree with you on the dutch doors! Love them! I also just painted my front door a bright red (a Martha Stewart color..forget the name). When I opened the can it was so red it scared me, but I took a deep breath and started to paint! It looks awesome! I ended up painting my shutters Charelston Green (almost black). I am saving my penny’s for real shutters. Tamara

  5. You know, I’ve been making the same observation about black and white houses lately…classic, but not always warm and inviting.


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