Between the “I” and the “Do”

Eight years ago today, on a cold January evening in a candlelit church, I stood, face beneath a veil, and pledged forever.  His eyes locked with mine and he was all wobbly-kneed and he promised forever in return.
We were positively certain. 
 We said “I do,” not really knowing what would be the nit and grit between those words, the hours and days made up of living and Saturday morning pancakes and loss and murmured prayers that would become a bond like cement.  
The baby who would come through the aching and sweat and tears and better it all.  
Today, eight years in, I see only in part. One day we will be one hundred years old, standing wrinkled hand in wrinkled hand, and we will look back and see the whole.  The love story played out in all its chapters.  On that day, God will reach down and gently stroke my hair and ask:
“Do you see Me?  
“Do see you see Me in the details?”
“Right there in the nitty gritty?”  
And again, on that day, I believe we will be positively certain, that I might breathe my answer unto Him:
“I do, Lord”
“I do.”


  1. there’s so much in between the “I” and the “Do.”

    My marriage has been used by God to sanctify me unto him like nothing else in my life….

    well nothing except parenting.

    Thank you Lord for our marriages.

    Happiest Anniversary!

  2. Happy 8th Anniversary Erin! I love 8, the number of new beginnings. I pray that the next eight years of your marriage are even more spectacular than the first!

    I loved your message here, you have such a gift for writing! 🙂


  3. love this… i hope to be married one day… if it be His will… if not, i have Him and He is all i truly need…

    wishing you a year filled with blessings… xx pam

  4. It’s post like these that keep me from writing at all!! Your words are so amazing and powerful!
    Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Wow!! I actually teared up and got chills reading this! I thank God daily for my husband and I also wear a band on my index finger to remind me that I am a bride of Christ! You always inspire me! Love you and blessings!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! My hubby’s and mine is in August of this year! I love your writings too. Definitely “a bond like cement” is wrought when God has joined two people together. Like “between you and me” said God has shown me His love for me through my marriage like nothing else. Parenting is a whole new adventure indeed.

    My little boy was born about 3 months before your son. I relate so well to your journey and delight along with you.

    Thank you for the beautiful post!

  7. Beautiful Post……Happy Anniversary!! It is awesome when you can look and see God in the details…I don’t know where I would be without Him!! I will be married 12 years in June…without God we probably wouldnt have made past year 1. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  8. Unbelievably beautiful …

    I am 25 years in and I still remain positively certain.

    Well, in truth, maybe a little ‘more-so’ some days & just a little ‘less-so’ on others.

    On the ‘more-so’ days I still remain utterly committed to my forever guy but on the ‘less-so’ days, when I am tested, I find strength & love buried deep inside the commitment itself, the one I made to him before God.

    That’s how it has worked for me for over 25 years …

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