Beach Boys

I am getting ready to visit my two favorite beach boys.
It has been far too long.
A love like ours should not be separated by seven hundred miles.
It should be right next door where it belongs, with bed time snuggles and bunny kisses and belly laughs. Alas, the miles cannot separate us-as I have said here before, I carry them in my heart.
A and B, hold tight sweet boys, Aunt E is on her way.
And of course I cannot arrive empty handed. Word was my beach boys could use new bedding, so I spent the past week sewing and working my fingers to the bone. The final project was worth every stitch.

(felt banner says “Sail Away,” I apologize for the horrendous quality of these photos!)


And so dear friends, let the peace come down and hold us fast. I plan to soak up every bit of God’s goodness as I walk the beach with my four best boys: Mr. Marvelous, Baby Marvelous, A, and B.

Oh how the blessings in my life have exceeded my wildest expectations.

Father God, I give THANKS.


  1. You made the bedding?? Oh my goodness it is FANTASTIC! I love the red, white, and blue sailing theme.

  2. Erin, I thought your sister lived in IN? did she move?? that stinks! have fun with your family! big hugs to you and baby.

  3. What a precious gift you have taken the time to make them… that’s amazing!! Enjoy EVERY bit of God’s goodness!

  4. What a fun vacation you will have! I love your bedding, so delightful. Happy Thanksgiving, safe travels to you and yours!

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