And then there was Wynn

I am so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love toward Wynn, Mr. Marvelous and myself from all of you. THANK YOU!!! I am working on writing Wynn’s birth story to share here-it is a doozy. Suffice it to say I did end up eating my words when I said here last week that I wasn’t nervous about childbirth. I can’t wait to share my story-Wynn’s story. It is coming!

Here are some photos from Wynn’s first days. We have been home from the hospital for 24 hours and are getting our footing with our new little treasure πŸ™‚

Every time I look at him the words from my favorite song of all time-“Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley run through my head:


P.S. If you are thinking “gosh that baby looks yellow,” it is because Wynn has jaundice πŸ™ I would love your prayers for him so that we can get him off the billi blanket he has to lay on all day long-attached to the wall πŸ™

P.P.S. Please excuse typos, misspellings and the like as this is my absolute best at posting with one hand, nursing with the other, and blurred vision from VERY little sleep
P.P.S. He is worth it. Oh precious Jesus, how he is worth it. Thank, thank you, thank you Lord for my rare and beautiful treasure.


  1. Erin, words cannot express how excited and delighted I am for the birth of your beautiful boy ! I know you’ve been waiting for this day for your entire life, and I’m just so happy he was born happy and healthy (the jaundice will go away soon!). I’m looking forward to watching him grow and hearing you sing the praises of him and our Lord !

  2. Oh sweetie. Two of my babies had jaundice. One had to be hospitalized for it. Not easy for a new mama to endure. Many prayers being said for you. Enjoy every moment – babies are only babies for a tiny bit.

  3. Just darling! A big congratulations to you and your husband!! Can’t wait to read the birth story. Each one is so incredible!

  4. Congrats you guys! I LOVE the picture of your hubbie and son sleeping … soooo sweet! Both of my kids were jaundiced. The best advice I received was from a nurse who said to always nurse them sitting next to a sun-lit window. That and breast-feeding seemed to do the trick. Good luck!!! Hope is passes quickly!!!

  5. Erin, What a blessing from the Lord! Children are truly a gift from Him!!! Wynn is beautiful!!! Your blog really pulls at the heartstrings and you write so honestly Christ centered. It is a breath of fresh air that I look forward to! May your home be filled with lots of laughter and love!

  6. The more he eats and poops the more that jaundice will pass. And the sunny window does seem to do the trick too!! He’s beautiful – he looks so much like his daddy!! So encouraged by your blessing…

  7. erin, thanks for updating us! I was so excited to see more pictures of him!!! you look so great, by the way. I can’t wait to hear your birth story!


  8. These photos are so precious Erin – the one with his daddy on the bed just makes my heart melt! Congrats again to you and I can’t wait to meet the little guy!

  9. He is a beautiful baby and you look just glowing! I know it helps for new mothers to “network”. Here is the address of my daughter’s blog.
    She just had her first baby, a boy, on March 5th. You can see that he had jaundice too, and now is fine. Wynn will be too. Prayers to you all!

  10. Erin! he looks just like Edward!! And btw you look as beautiful as ever! I’m so happy for you both and I’m glad everything went smoothly-out side of the long labor!
    Love you love you. S

  11. Aww, he is just beautiful!! I love those pictures. So happy for you, sweetie!

    PS: Mason had a terrible case of jaundice. He had to stay in the hospital 3 extra days. It was not a fun experience, but rest assured that everything will be just fine. <3

  12. congrats! he is a handsome little boy! i have a 3 year old daughter who I absolutely love and adore and just had a son who is now 7 months…i will tell you this, there is something about mama’s and their boys! enjoy every minute with him…time flies!

  13. Oh, he is adorable…and seriously…I have typos with out having to deal with all of that…you are doing great!

  14. Oh what a handsome little man! He is so precious and looks like a snuggle bug. I know you are over the moon! He is a good and perfect gift from God!

  15. Tears are coming to my eyes as I read your post. I am so very happy for you. We were blessed with our rare and beautiful treasure five months ago after praying for her for seven and a half years. There is nothing like the love you feel. It gives us a glimpse of how much God loves us! Enjoy these days to come. They go by so very fast.

  16. Love the pic of him laying by his daddy – isn’t it just heart tugging to see your man hold your little man…. {sign} anyhow, so curious about your little Wynn story πŸ™‚ till then, praying for you all – Sami Jo

  17. Oh Erin, your precious gift from God is just beautiful! Congratulations to you and your Hubby. I will indeed be praying for Wynn πŸ™‚
    Gods abundant blessings to your family!

  18. What a beautiful blessing! If Wynn’s bili levels aren’t better in a day or 2 be sure to ask your dr about “breast feeding jaundice”. A small percentage of nursing moms produce a chemical in their milk that causes this. Both of my babies had to be switched to formula for 2-3 days then I resumed nursing and all was well! I nursed them both successfully for several months.

  19. My oldest had jaundice as well (he was a month early)… I just kept him by the window to absorb all that sunshine (we lived in Ohio at the time and the mornings were a little too chilly to still have him out)


  20. Congratulations!
    He is beautiful..I know it’s too early to tell…but that pic with the baby and husband…are they identical?
    So cute…hope everything went well…or at least close to your plans?
    But he is HERE and HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL!

  21. Beautifully written ~ My heart can hear your hearts delight. Congratulations, can’t wait to hear the whole whopping birth story πŸ˜‰

  22. you just made me cry ! after the birth of both of my sons, I remember feeling as if I had left the earth and was walking around in the clouds -such a special, special time. Enjoy πŸ˜‰ and God Bless you all !

  23. great pictures! you all look great. will pray for baby wynn. love, mary

  24. Hello sweet Erin – I have been out of the loop for a couple of months. Enjoying getting myself caught up with some of my fave blogs! It seems like yesterday when you first told me you were expecting. And now…he’s here. And you are a Mama. May the Lord bless you as you soak up each moment with your precious Wynn. He’s beautiful!


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