And it was good.

We had a WONDERFUL time in Charleston! I had been to Charleston twice before, but never for more than an afternoon, and I’ve always wanted to explore the city. We took a taxi from the airport straight to our hotel in the historic district-“on the battery.” No need to rent a car, we walked everywhere. Which was really handy considering we ate a LOT. πŸ™‚ We stayed at the Mills House Hotel-it was wonderful. Mints on your pillow, fluffy terry bath robes kind of wonderful.

It was also room service wonderful πŸ™‚ Tell me I’m not the only person who could make an entire vacation out of a great hotel room, pay per view movies, and room service.

Of course the BEST thing about Charleston is the unbelieavably beautiful architecture. The homes are just incredible!!!! Warning-picture overload ahead.

Don’t you just love the real shutters?

Fantastic moldings; Old Glory πŸ™‚

These balcony curtains were to die for

Aren’t the transom windows surrounding this door amazing? And love the ivy too.

These hanging baskets were one of my favorite sites all weekend-it was so good to have a break from winter!!
These stars were very cool.
This transom! That wooden door! Those lanterns!!
. . .
My hubby is a an award winning genealogist. (Best looking genealogist under the age of 80; only genealogist under the age of 65). All jokes aside, he is very into his genealogy and VERY good at it-thanks to his research we were able to find the house that my 5th great grandfather built on the battery in 1850. This is the house-isn’t it stunning? He also tracked down a journal by a member of the family who lived in this house during the civil war which included the writer’s comments on watching the cannons firing on Fort Sumter at the start of the war-amazing.
This is the family house. Built by Louis DeSaussure.
. . .
The Second best thing in Charleston? The shopping on King Street. Aside from lovely Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma and the like, there are many unique shops, such as this one, South of Market.
Boy oh Boy was this place great. I could have bought every piece in this store if it had not all been so incredibly expensive.
See these throw pillows? $400. Not kidding.
It was still great for inspiration and decorating ideas. Even Mr. Marvelous loved it. Speaking of him, here he is carrying my Pottery Barn bag-what a site!! πŸ˜‰

We ended up riding up the elevator with another couple about our age and the other guy said to Mr. Marvelous: “Nice linens, man.”
. . .
I had my eyes pealed for houses for sale as we were walking along-you know, just in case. πŸ™‚ Look at this cool beauty that was for sale. So run down and in need of some TLC-I would love to be the one to love on this house.
I stood on the front porch and took this picture through the front window-incredible, right? It was full of cobwebs and peeling paint. This is the kind of house we spent a year trying to find when house-hunting; a real fixer, and we just couldn’t find it! I loved this house.
Amazing original hardware and operable shutters.
. . .
The best part of the vacation was the time we got to spend together. My husband really is my best friend and we have so much fun together; I can’t imagine life without him; he is my greatest blessing.


  1. Oh, Erin. We’ve stayed at Mills House Hotel as well. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? You know those little stars on the house that you commented on? Those are decorative details placed to mask the iron rods that were used in the really really old houses to shore them up after the earthquake. Can’t remember the year but it was way back. Learned that on the carriage tour. Did you have a chance to try Jestine’s Kitchen? We read about it in a travel magazine and it was worth the wait. Thanks for reminding me of the beauty of that city.

  2. I love all those house pictures! and your 5th great-grandfather’s house IS stunning! I just love it!! How cool that your husband can track stuff like that down!! Does he only do it for your family? Or would he want to help me out too???

  3. What an amazing trip! Now I really want to go to Charleston! The architecture is truly amazing and it looks so charming. So glad to hear you had a great trip…you deserved it!!

  4. In awe. Of the whole thing. You guys, your trip, your photos…the whole shootin’ match.


  5. Love this post. I died laughing thinking of Ed blushing when the dude complimented his linens. Looks like a fun trip. And oh, those yellow pillows? I have like 8 of them. My dogs sleep on them.

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