Amazing Bath Transformations and a GIVEAWAY!!!

************* This Giveaway has ended, Thanks to all for entering!!***************

My friend Layla, over at the lovely Lettered Cottage, is embarking on a guest bath renovation. She asked all of her readers to email her pictures of the most inspiring bathrooms so that she could find the perfect inspiration picture for her redo. In my search, I stumbled on these knock-your-socks-off renovations that I just had to share here!

Bathroom No. 1 was described at “dated and dowdy.” The newlywed buyers of this 1920s bungalow didn’t even notice that the shower did not have a shower head because they were blinded by the “1980s bridesmaid dress shower curtain!!”

After! The bulk of the changes to this bathroom were purely cosmetic, including decoupaged maps for wallpaper. Fabulous! The shower curtain is a chenille bedspread found at an antique store.
Close-up, no detail forgotten. Even a hook for a coffee mug!

Bathroom No. 2: This rather frightening bathroom was hidden inside a 1915 bungalow.

The Ahhhhhhhhh After: “A tabletop vanity made from a side table and a leftover marble slab supports a sink original to the house.”Up close, all the pretty details. Love the galvanized bucket with natural sea sponges and the powder blue details.

Bathroom No. 3: This poor 1912 bath was without any windows to provide natural light. Poor thing!

Happily Ever After: The original claw foot tub remains. Check out the tile floor mats which protect the wood floor. Can you believe this is a guest bath!!?? When do we visit??

Absolutely lovely. I could sit and read novels in this tub all day long.

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Now it wouldn’t be fair to make you sit through these before and afters without offering some tender loving care for your bath! Do you have a before that you are aching to turn into a happily ever after???? Leave a comment and either a description of your bathroom or a link to a photo! If you do not have a blog, please leave your email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner! One lucky winner will receive a design consultation for a bathroom makeover with Layla! Don’t worry if your budget for a bath redo is $10. Layla can do things with a budget that make you weak in the knees.

Good luck, and let’s see those bathrooms!!

**********Update: The Deadline to Enter for this Giveaway is 12:00 a.m. est., Friday, June 19


  1. Oh my word. I could win this hands down.
    I will have to post photos soon but my “master bathroom” was destroyed from a leaky toilet coming through the cieling from the upstairs bathroom that was IN THE MIDST of reservation itself.
    Although we’ve kicked butt on that bathroom, we’ve remodeled nearly all other spaces in our home and have a small budget to complete our master.
    We currently have oak vanity with double sinks. A stand alone walk in shower and a nice big jacuzzi tub. We had it all tiled by “amateur professionals” and within months it cracked and bent, so we tore it out.
    We also had to tear out the cieling only to discover an uncapped old sewage pipe that took us months to figure out that it was a horrible stench coming from it.
    Oh, this bathroom has caused me heartache to say the least.
    Here is a link to our upstairs bathroom redo, ALMOST finished! I need HELP with my master.. I’ve lost most ambition and want to just “get it done” but I know I’d never be satisfied with that. I need some good advice and I adore Layla, I’m a devout follower of LC. πŸ™‚
    Our upstairs bath:

  2. ooo I have a bathroom that I just can’t seem to get right! It’s not only our 2 little boys’ bathroom but the guest bath as well. Here is the link to a post I did about a little while back. I had actually re-done it in this post but it still is not what I want. I know Layla could definitely get it right for me! I love her designs and what she has done for not only herself but others as well! Thanks for this opportunity!


  3. I really need help with my 2nd bath….it is used by my 5 yo dd and guests. Currently it has red walls with gold washed stripes. A vintage chandy and a mahogany buffet contains the sink. It is pretty but so dark and fancy! I need to lighten it up and I would love to do a coastal theme πŸ™‚

  4. Sadly my m-bath WAS re-done when we bought the house. And I hate it. It’s cramped, poorly designed, and I have to do yoga positions just to be able to shave my legs in the shower.

    No kidding.

  5. Hi Erin,

    We have done a total gut to our master bath and one of the kids bathrooms. They are finally great to look at – I will post pictures.
    But the one that needs help is the other younger kids bath. It actually used to be the closet to one bedroom but during WWII the lady of the house took in a boarder with a small child so she made it a bathroom for them. It has a 4 foot square tub, a toilet and a small sink..This is all in a space of about 4 feet by 9 feet. It has tile up to the ceiling around the tub, beadboard up to the ceiling everywhere else and then old tile that is past its prime. I will post pics in the morning so you can see how much help it needs…

  6. I love Layla’s style and am very excited to see what she’s going to do with her bathroom. I bet my hideous brown bath could really give her a challenge though!

  7. My bathroom is not horrible, just outdated and in need of some redesign. It is a large bathroom, Large enough to put a nice chair or bench in the corner… Laminate floor, sink that is on a wooden base with a cabinet and three drawers (painted white but also pulling away from the wall). Walls are a taupe brown color. I already have some trinkets from antique hunts I been on. There are some old perfume bottles, some mens old shaving brushes and containers. There are also several green plants in there (they love the moisture). The light fixture of the sink is ugly.

    My email address is

  8. It seems to be bathroom remodeling time – that is the first on our list of summer projects – we have a very tiny bath right now with a shower that no longer has a door. I loved looking at the pictures especially the one with the sponges and got a few great ideas. I will send my before and after once we finish

  9. My master bath is a hodge podge mess. A beautiful oversized Pottery Barn botanical print and a sweet weathered shelf are the only things I have to start with. Throw in a lonely black wrought iron patio chair, horrible 80’s honey cabinets and a ginormous sheet mirror–oh I can’t even believe I’m admitting this to anyone! I have a small collection of vintage nautical charts that I’ve been holding on to. If I win, maybe Layla could incorporate those!

  10. Help! I am moving out of a delightfully homey 1940s cottage and into a suburban place built in 1999! I am at a complete loss of what to do without the amazing cottage architecture to guide me (like I had in the old house).

    Here is a photo of my drab, uninspired bathroom-to-be. (We move in in a few weeks!)

  11. I would be so happy to win this Layla consultation! My master bath has been “on hold” for over a year and a half because I have limited expenses and feel I must “be sure what to do” before spending the money. This would be a blessing!

    I am going for a cottage look…I presently have a two sink vanity with cabinet doors that need to be updated…good architectural elements with vaulted ceiling (but the bathroom is small)…I’m thinking it needs beadboard and unique-looking hooks for towels. It opens into the bedroom– a large opening–no door…has good possibilities…I can send photos directly to you if chosen or if needed for making your decision…THANK YOU for the chance! I enjoy your blog…as well as The Lettered Cottage– both are in my bookmarks! πŸ™‚
    my email is

  12. The guest bathroom in my basement is better than my master bath. My bath has a gold trimmed shower stall with frosted glass and a shower basin that scrubbing and chemicals cannot fix. Plastic and fading soaking tub. And oak stock cabinets that hurt my back to lean over to reach the almond sinks. And did I mention the faux green marble laminate countertops?! And to top it all off, there are wall to wall mirrors that make a 90 degree angle duplicating the horror. Now I know why I don’t spend much time in my bathroom. We’re ready to change it but not sure how.

  13. I would love love love love love to win this. In two words my bathroom is boring and white. White cabinets, white tub, white shower, white sinks, big obnoxious builder style mirror, light fixtures that I liked 12 years ago. It has no personality. The only feature that I do kinda like is a big bay window (the tub sits in the bay) that looks out into the woods (but I have no clue how to dress those windows).

  14. Oh My! I love LC! I’d love to have her help me with main bathroom in the house we just bought…not big but not teeny, ugly yellow walls with ugly brown “supposed to look like tile” linoleum, and beige counter tops. I bought a bright Anthropologie shower curtain and I’m trying to figure out what to do to build around the shower curtain! Thanks for this opportunity!

  15. Nothing inspires me more than feeling like I am living in true serenity. Unfortunately, feeling paint and barebones fixtures do not. Would love an opportunity to work with Layla.

  16. I have been the BIGGEST fan of Layla’s for a long time now–I absolutely adore her style!! My fiance is in the military, and we are on a small budget. We are moving to a more permanent duty station in a couple of months and hoping to buy a house. I am afraid of what the bathrooms in our budget will look like! I would LOVE a design consultation with Layla!!!!!!

  17. We have a beautiful bathroom with NO personality. Our our is new, and we haven’t done anything to personalize that very personal πŸ™‚ space!

    Love Layla’s style! Great giveaway!

  18. Here are my bath’s problems in a nutshell:

    1. Walls covered in HIDEOUS pastel-y wallpaper
    2. A B.R.A.S.S. shower door that is poorly installed
    3. Purple tile floors
    4. A hummingbird stained glass window with bright red and kelley green in it
    5. Golden oak cabinets
    6. a useless “medicine cabinet” and teeny “hanper” – seriously, it’s like a doll’s hamper
    7. 13 foot ceilings

    I would be forever grateful for a re-do. I’m on an extremely limited budget, and I am dying for some inspiration.

  19. i would SOSOSOSOSOSO

    love to win. . .

    here is a link to my pics. . .
    yep. nothing. nothing has been done to them. we are fixing to move in, and this is what i have to work with. these floors. the walls have been painted now, but if i got to work with LAYLA i would be ever so greatful to change it up.

    this is my sons’ bath. the floor has been finshed. they are painting the walls a very pale pale blue, and the cabinet that will be in there will be black distressed.

    then. the downstairs playroom.
    here it is. it is now painted in antique white, and it will have a pedestal sink in there.

    you know the donkey on shrek. .

    pick me. pick me. pick me! thanks a bushel, and have a blessed day!

  20. Well I am trying to decide which bathroom to describe… my master or my half. I think I will go with my half bath which is the guest bathroom. It is just the forgotten room that I just don’t know what to do with. It is basically a normal bathroom with Laura Ashley Tuape 3 paint. The awful big mirror and the awful three bulb light fixture. What I do have that I like are red shutters by the window and a little red stool in the corner.

  21. Do I have a bathroom for you. The walls/ceiling are dark gray blue. The vinyl flooring is purple “tile” with a faint pink grout. The shower is the cheapest light gray faux stone you can get. There is no vainty, just pipes coming up from the floor. It’s a dungeon, I hate it. I actually tackeled my friend to the floor to keep her from going in. EEEEk I need help.

  22. I would so love to have a photo consult!! I’ll post on my blog, probably tomorrow. Our powder room is in need of a complete overhaul, though we do have a marble top we know we want to use. I love Layla’s style and she was the one who inspired me to start a blog in the first place. I would so love to win!

    Daryl at Vermont Cottage

  23. Layla’s work is beautiful. my bathroom is not. boring brown oak cabinets, the lighting is those old big round bulbs, like what you would imaging around a stars makeup table. yikes. just blah. I know that Layla could make it wow!

  24. Pick me, pick me! I have a guest half bath that would make you shutter. It has no natural light and a low attic ceiling. I am ready for a change and Layla’s brilliant design.

  25. Oh yes, our guest bathroom in our basement is covered in 1970’s fish wall paper with pinky beige tile 1/2 way up the walls and on the floor. We can’t afford to rip out the tile and start over, (we did that in the master bath) so I am pulling my hair out trying to come up with creative ideas here!

  26. My bathroom is a BLANK slate….and I have no ideas. I love Layla’s site and her ideas are over the top lovely. I would loeve to win this. thank you for the chance!!!!! Lynda Fitzgeald

  27. Our downstairs bath (the one my husband uses) is smaaaaaallll. And old. Some kind of paneling on (half of) the wall, old tile, old sink, old, old, old. Needs help in many ways! thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Oh my, I could definetly use a bathroom update, three in fact. The bathroom I would do first is covered in orange (peeling) wallpaper, and from the previous owners, the cowboy theme is still alive (and UGLY) in it. No hardware on the cabinets, just a blah blah blah bathroom and I have NO idea how to start or what to do on such a tight budget. Thanks for those beautiful and inspiring ideas!

  29. Hi Erin! The bathroom Before/After shots are awesome!! I think my favorite/most hideous is the ruffled shower curtain one. Gag!!
    Our bathroom is not too bad off. We definitely could use some accessorizing and a new mirror/lighting fixtures. I’m often afraid to put things on the wall. Sad, isn’t it?
    Hope I win! I love Layla’s ideas!

  30. I would love any idea I can get. We have pretty much updated our entire home except for our bathrooms as we are saving our pennies to get that done. I will send some pictures if I am picked…thank you!


  31. I would LOVE to win this giveaway. My bathroom is so boring! All I have done is hang a shower curtain in it. I love Layla’s designs and blog. I visit it almost everyday! I hope I win!

  32. Oh, boy, do I need this! The 4 of us (myself, my husband and two little girls- 3 and 1) ALL share our tiny upstairs bath. πŸ™

    It was circus yellow when we moved in. So bright it gave me a headache. I painted the walls white, but it’s so dull and boring, I could fall asleep brushing my teeth.

    Speaking of brushing teeth, our vanity is an ugly old standard wood base with plain old sink. It sits under a brass/copper colored mirror that has some great details, if you can get past the brass. The light fixture above is one of those 4 bare “circle” bulbs–the kind that has 4 straight across on a brassy/bronze fixture.

    The vanity is crammed in between our icky bath/shower and the toilet, which boasts one of those storage cabinets that fits over and around the toilet. It’s nice to have a place to stick 4 people’s stuff, but boy is it hideous!

    We do have a tiny linen closet, but it is knocked into our 3 year old’s clothes closet on the other side of the wall, so it takes away from HER storage. I’ll be honest and say that we do need it for towels, medicine, sheets, etc.

    Our bath needs help! Walls are pretty bare, save a little tin plaque thing I found that says “Le Bain.” We also smushed an itty bitty wicker shelf in between the tub and vanity for hand towels, bath toys, etc.

    I feel like the old woman in the shoe in this bath… and I’m only 29! I’d love to have Layla’s help! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for offering this giveaway. πŸ™‚

  33. My AWFUL master bath has an open vanity to our master bedroom…yuck! (Like a hotel) The cabinetry is old, plain and awful. It has about 680 watts (slight exaggeration) of hollywood lighting, surrounding an old clip-on-type mirror. It’s hideous! The toilet and shower are crammed into one tiny little space. Everything is old, boring and completely un-welcoming! Please, please, please pick me!

  34. Oh dear, what I wouldn’t do for a consultation. I’ll let the photo’s speak for themselves. But it’s just awful. At some point we are gutting the whole thing and redoing everything. My hubs is a plumber and sometimes people comment to us how we must have such a beautiful bathroom. Thanks for the great giveaway. I saw it on Layla’s blog. (sorry about the first photo being sideways. that post was one of my first with photos.)

  35. Layla is amazing and I would love to win a consultation! My guest bathroom is in need! Forrest green paint (what was I thinking??!) There is also ugly palm tree border and an ugly yellow cabinet. I have a plain mirror and sink. And the toilet paper holder will NOT stay on the wall so the tp sits on the back of the toilet. Nice.

    This is a great giveaway!

  36. I would LOVE to win this giveaway!!!
    Our house was built in the 50s and the bathroom has never been touched. It is the only bathroom in the house. When we have people over, I pray that no one has to use the bathroom because it is THAT embarrasing. There is a “floating” vanity with no cabinets underneath, and it has gold flecks all over it. There are two mirrored medicine cabinets above the vanity. The sinks are pink, the tub is pink, and the tile is pink and white. There is tile on 3/4 of the wall. The wall color is a very light bluish gray color. This bathroom just needs help all around! I will try to post some pics on my blog tonight.

  37. I love both of your blogs! I would love to redo our upstairs bath… a walk thru from the master and hall. Split by a pocket door with bath/shower and storage cabinet on one side and double sink vanity, toilet, and storage cabinet on the other. We just moved in about 9 months ago and this project is on the back burner, but in the meantime it got a face lift with new paint and fixtures. Would love to see some inspiration from Layla.

  38. Oh, I would love to win!!! Our home was built in 1970…I think….and It has all the original cabinets….which I kind of love because of their character. However, I would love to update!!! I would love to see what Layla’s suggestions would be. How fun.

  39. What an awesome, generous giveaway and it’s just the motivation I’m wishing for! We’re remodeling a farmhouse one space at time and the bathrooms are in desperate need of some attention – I can just imagine the beauty that Layla could create with this bathroom. Here is a link to the photos of the bathroom that my daughter and I use. Some character and lots of potential but definitely something I don’t show off…yet! πŸ™‚—before-after-is-pending

    Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Thanks so much!

  40. i have a half bath in our hallway used by guests…just beige builder grade stuff…nice but not personalized yet. it also has no window..could use some lightening up (?)
    i’d love some of layla’s inspiration!

  41. Erin~what a gorgeous blog! I would love a consultation from Layla~I’m thinking of re-vamping the family room…

  42. Hi, this is a great give away – I did my bathroom 8 years ago when I moved it and it needs a new life now. This would be a help in doing it.

  43. I’m new to your blog but check The Lettered Cottage daily! =) Alllll my bathrooms could use a facelift! We have 3 and all of them are outdated! They have the original ugly light oak woodwork, icky counterops, big ugly mirrors, etc. We’ve done a few things here and there in them like new light fixtures to replace the bright brass ones that were there before, new ceramic tile in two of them (the master bath had carpet in it when we moved in!), but they all have a long way to go !!

  44. Well, my bathroom dilemma is seemingly insignificant, but alas it has given me fits! I have great bones to work with as it is only a few years old, BUT it is extremely small and so I don’t know how to best make it functional AND beautiful.

    Vivi K

  45. My master bathroom is nothing to write home about. It’s brown. Oak cabinets. Tan walls. It’s safe. It’s *yawn*. It has okay bones, but no skin… I have two young children and would love to have it add more spunk, but lack the time.


  46. Oooooh, I LURVE Layla and boy, do I have the bathroom for her! My master bath is anything but “master”! It’s awful! I haven’t done a thing to it since we moved in almost 5 years ago, and it ends up being the place to stick stuff that has no other home. *fingers crossed* that I win!

  47. I’ve been trying desperately to drag my one and only bathroom out of the 60’s for the 5 years I’ve been in the house. But without a clear vision for the end result, I have been hesitant to undertake any of the big projects (tearing out the disgusting tile shower surround etc). I would love to have some of Layla’s vision in my bathroom!

  48. oh my gosh! I would LOVE to win a this! I have 2..yes TWO bathrooms that are horrible… Not horrible in the oh ick i dont want to use it but as in the oh ick i can’t stand to look at it… They need help and I’m out of ideas!!

  49. That first makeover was smashing!! Right up my alley since I can’t really do any overhauling. Would LOVE a Layla consultation! Love her!
    I am currently working on my upstairs bathroom per some inspiration from Mrs. Layla herself, but my downstairs (shudder) bathroom (shudder) is a sad dark bathroom/laundry room that was slapped together sometime in the 80’s. Layers of wallpaper and peel and stick powder blue tiles. Oddly placed everything. This room needs a Layla intervention!
    Thanks for the giveaway! Crossing my fingers….

  50. Layla lives in our hometown and she’s a doll! I’d love to win a consultation! Please enter me! and I’ll be back to browze your site!

  51. The bathroom I need help with is my master bath. It certainly isn’t icky. It’s just big and impersonal. It has the standard builder-issued lights, mirrors, cabinets, etc. I want something with a bit of romance since it is a master, and would love to see what Layla would do with that space!

  52. These are some great inspiration photos! I’d love to have Layla’s assistance with either one of our bathrooms….they’ve been pretty low on the list of projects. Both our master bath and kid’s bathroom are builder basic and boring. Both have orange-y oak cabinets that I’d love to paint or stain, and both bathrooms have those large builder basic mirrors….I’d love to have individual mirrors over the sinks. For the kid’s bath, I’d love to add beadboard and a row of hooks to hang towels!

  53. We have worked everywhere in our house, but skipped the master bath. Builder grade basics, except the old owners put in peach tile with pink grout. Really??!? Pink grout? We removed the tile from the rest of the house but have run out of steam for the bathroom. I could use a good vision!

  54. Trying to redo a main level bathroom and include a storage closet as well. Complete redo is our plan; new ceiling, beadboard with shelf molding, new window, mirror and sink in furniture piece, new floor lighting and fan fixture and replace bath tub with shower. I’m keeping my fingers crossed up here in the North!

  55. Oooooooo I NEED this consultation!!

    A little summary of my bathroom:
    Mauve tub
    Ivory Toilet
    White Vanity with only 1/2 doors and drawers fronts nailed shut.
    Peeling/rusted mirror.
    Ugly above sink lighting.
    Washer and Dryer, ugly wire shelf.
    Fluorescent light
    Brown cracked linoleum floor
    Brown trim/door
    Light purple walls.

    Pictures to back all this hideousness up:

    m.finn at gmail dot com

    Thanks!!! Hope I win πŸ™‚

  56. I’ve been a Layla fan for some time now, and I’d ADORE help from her! I love her blog and her style!

    My main bathroom is soooo bland and boring.

    We bought my IN-LAWS house. Yup, I’m insane. Should be committed. Lemme tell ya, it has NOT been an easy thing. We bought this house 4yrs ago, and have made SOME changes. But change is not well-received by certain family members – I’m talkin’ arguements, people. And so now, I’m a little timid w/ decorating and such.
    But this is a 1950’s house, and in some areas, I need help. I need suggestions. But most of all, I need a confidence booster from a GREAT interior designer so that I might take some more on myself and not feel so terrified of botching it up. πŸ˜‰

    I took some pics, but I don’t blog and can’t figure out how to add them! πŸ˜‰


    ~Lisa R.
    c_lraymond AT hotmail DOT com

  57. Right now our “guest bath” is lime green with a sad old shower curtain. It really has NO personality. It’s been the kid bath – but now we’d like to update it to be more appropriate for adults as well as the kiddos. I have a few ideas, but would LOVE for Layla’s talents to take over :). Even just seeing the posted pics from this post have me feeling more motivated to start working on it…! THANKS!!

  58. My bathroom is platered in 80’s flower wallpaper… not toooo gaudy but still very tacky! One really long mirror and really long counter top… great bathroom but have no idea what to do with it πŸ™ HELP ME!

  59. Our house was built in 1954, and most of the renovations have been doable. Our bathroom that serves our children’s bedrooms upstairs is PINK — as far as the eye can see! My contractor tells me it’s hopeless — a complete rip and replace. they’re worth it though, right? LOL Cheers!

  60. ok although our home isn’t that old I just never have taken the time to do anything to our masterbath I have a husband who wants a say in decorating and well I gave up trying to tell him what I want so now I have a bathroom that looks like bugs bunny should live in our bathroom. The paint color was suppose to be terracotta(sp) to bring out the “veiny” color of the tile which is gray/black with sligh terracota in it. To me the bathroom looks “ORANGE” The cabinets are oak color, the counters are white tile, the bathtub is original porcelin sits in the corner of the bathroom with two massive windows by it. The shower is not used because it takes to long to heat the I have a vanity which my husband stores his stuff. Oooo and I have an area above my mirror that has a bunch of collectibles my husband has collected, like hat box’s, sewing machines, old fans, old suitcases. Basically I’m not a fan of my room or my bathroom but if I had some help with suggestions how to make it look “inviting” that would help me not to hate it so much!!!lol

  61. I would love a bath makeover – a master bath makeover that I was planning on starting tomorrow! Our bath is fully functional, Thank God. It is also completely and totally standard builder issue stuff. Same old lights, same old paint (mustard yellow throughout the whole house) lots of dead space.

    I’ve posted about it, so please visit, because this is not just about winning Layla’s amazing bath ideas, but hearing from all who enter here as well!

  62. Oh my, the shower curtain in that first photo – wow!

    My master bath could use some help. We’re in a new house and haven’t been able to make up our minds about what to do with it to give it some character. Aside from painting it the absolute wrong color, that is! We’re actually in the process of trying to pick a color for our master bedroom and bath, so I’d so love to win! There is no door from the bedroom to the bathroom (there is a separate “water closet”) so the bedroom just kind of flows into the bathroom. Makes choosing a color that much harder!

  63. Wait, I have to remember to breathe because Layla is the BEST!!! My guest bath is small, dark and in the basement, where all guest baths go to die…yes, please, help!!

  64. Wow, I would LOVE help with my tiny master bath. Layla to the rescue, please! She’s so awesome I know my bath would be fabulous enough to have you all over to celebrate it!!! Thanks and God’s blessings πŸ˜€

  65. oh my i have a pink and blue tiled bathroom with stick on tile for flooring. it is truly a challenge, i could really use some of layla’s magic.

  66. I would LOVE to win this–I’ve considered buying a consultation from Layla, but since we have a rental house, it didn’t seem like a good idea. Our bathroom is tiny and has a PINK bathtub, which, since it’s a rental, we can’t do anything about. The floor is an icky brown color. I really haven’t even tried to decorate it because it seems so hopeless, but it’s not as bad as the bathrooms in the pictures! Maybe there is hope. πŸ™‚

  67. Oh, now this is awesome! We need to sell our house next year and prior to that, the master bath needs some help!!

  68. My master bath COULD be a showpiece, if it had Layla’s touch! I’m such a LETTERED COTTAGE fan, I can hardly see straight!! Someone’s gonna be a LUCKY person!!!!

  69. I would LOVE help with any of our bathrooms. And I just love Layla’s style!

  70. Our house was built in 1986 and both bathrooms sure look like it. Dated. The bathroom in the master bedroom reminds me of the kind you would find at a motel – the sink is on the outside and the shower and toilet are behind a separate door. So if someone is in bed the other one is getting ready for work, you can’t help but wake them up because of the light over the sink. The shower pan has a crack and my husband used epoxy to seal it – that was two years ago! I would love for Layla to give any suggestions as to what to do! This maybe the only way I can get a new bathroom. My fingers are crossed that I get picked.

  71. Oh how I would love a bath design and a laundry room design and a living room design and a ….. I could go on and one!!

  72. You know, I don’t have a bathroom horror story — what I have is a master bath that is so blah it defies help. Everything in the room is white — counters, floor, tub, shower, walls, sinks — but none of the whites match. The floors are cheapo builder-grade vinyl in white that has turned a weird grayish color in spots. the jacuzzi tub has a surround in the cheapest white tile available and none of it is perfectly plumb/straight. The towel bars are even cheaper — just clear plastic stuck in white ceramic. Ugh. It’s depressing me to write about it. The only thing not white is the vanity, which is huge and of a medium oak that just screams 1990. Then, there is the massive hollywood light fixture, all of twelve bulbs, strung above the mirror from one side of the room to the other.

    I know there’s stuff that could be done, but I can’t seem to wrap my head around a starting point. I would LOVE for Layla to give me some direction.

  73. My husband and I both work in law enforcement, a tough job with lots of hours and high demands. We have been trying to renovate our hallway bathroom which is mainly used by our great kids. We have only managed to replace the toilet; however, we would like to redo with a clawfoot tub, some terracota or hexagonal tile, white walls, vintage fixtures. You get the picture. We would welcome one of Layla’s design consultations. She is great and it is always inspring to see what her next project will be. If I should be the lucky one, my email is

  74. My husband and I both work in law enforcement – long hours and not a lot of appreciation. Anyway, we have been slowly trying to update our children’s bathroom. We have only been able to replace the toilet so far but plan on a clawfoot tub, vintage fixtures, terracotta or hexagonal tile, with a total beachy vibe. /We would welcome a design consult from Layla. She inspires me at the end of a long day to dream of good things and make my home beautiful. My email address is if I am blessed to be chosen.

  75. Hi Erin! It is the end of the day. Babies are in bed and I decided to take some much needed time to myself to check out the bathrooms. Love them! Wish one of them were mine….me only, no one else in my family πŸ™‚ I have a yuck-a-roo-poo-poo bath as well. I’m stuck in the 80’s with grey tile, a double sink with broken white knobs that fall into the sink when I turn the water on, and brass shower doors that have rusted. Sound fun? LOL! Thank you for your wonderful post. I feel so inspired when I read. I love to be energized and encouraged when I’m running on empty.
    Blessings friend!

  76. I think I have the most horrid master bath of all! Faux pink marbled sink with formica and wood countertop, peeling stick-on tile and some kind of textured wall-board on the walls. Of course, I can’t forget the Hollywood lights on each side! Ugh. To top it all off, my husband is a new home project manager. You know how it goes, the plumbers home is always leaking! Please. Help me!


  77. Oh, how I would love to win! We have six people sharing one old bathroom with blue tile, boring white walls, cute but a bit dingy fixtures. It needs life, it needs inspiration…I would love a creative mind to work on it!

  78. I have several bathrooms in my 1995 house that need help. The one off of my guest room has been rescued from yucky floral wallpaper and pink/red celings, but now I’m stuck. This would be great to win. My email is

  79. How much worse can you get than a builder grade master bath with linoleum floors that have lost their wax, shower doors that won’t come clean from the water minerals, and a laminate countertop that looks like something you should find in the toilet??? Layla does amazing things and I would love to see what she could do with this!!!!


  80. We remodeled our master bathroom a couple years ago, but it just functions very poorly and is plain boring. I definitely need help in this room!

  81. not an ugly bath, just one that needs to be re-done. Lots of ideas, multiple paint samples that have been painted since I moved in, 4 years ago. Just not on my top priority. But will quickly make it one if it could be done by Layla!!

  82. Oh heavens! Someone needs to tell me what to do with my bathroom. I’m sick to death of looking at it and wondering what to do with it myself. Though it’s one of the big reasons we decided to buy the home we’re in…
    Email: funnyfunnymother AT gmail DOT com

  83. Oh Erin, do I need Layla’s help! My main bathroom is the one that the children (four of them) and guests use and I am having such a time making it fun for the kids and still nice enough for guests.
    There is a loooonnnggg vanity with a little sink in the middle of it and a looooonnnnggg mirror above it.
    Did I mention that in this horrible space is also where my laundry area is? Oh yeah. And to top it off the laundry closet area has these accordian style doors that are so ugly that I leave them open because the washer and dryer are nicer to look at.
    Boy do I need help! Oh and Layla says hello πŸ™‚

  84. I have a new construction plain Jane bathroom that is in desperate need of some professional help. I have some ideas, but am fearful of messing it up so we are going on 3 years now of nothing. Please help –

  85. Layla sent me to your lovely blog! Yes I need her help. Our bathroom: no flooring(concrete…carpet pulled up due to cat contributions), old ugly tile in shower/tub (won’t stay clean), countertops dated…whole thing on our list but $$ are short. Help would be lovely.

  86. Please please please help my poor little bathroom. I just moved in with my boy friend of almost 6 years for two reasons; it was about that time to take the step forward of living together and we are both so broke that sharing a small studio in a 1940s building was a necessity. I spent months scouring over design blogs and books figuring out a game plan to turn our 700(ish) square feet studio into a warm, tranquil place to call home for a DC hill staffer who loves his ’79 Yamaha motorcycle more than life it self and a music teacher/aspiring opera singer. Everything is slowly but surely come together to be the space I had always hoped we could have together (picture lovely peonies sitting next to vintage motorcycle magazines), but none of it could have happened without blogs like yours and the lettered cottage and all the amazing readers who constantly share their knowledge and life lessons.

    This brings me to my bathroom. It is a small, long and narrow space that is covered in pale yellow and black tile. I have NO idea what to do to it to give it good storage and make it look beautiful. I have found some pretty photography that we both like, but the lay out of the bathroom is just giving me a design brain freeze. I love Layla’s designs and just know that she could come up with something perfect for my boyfriend and I. I really need some fresh design inspiration. That, and Layla seems so wonderful… it would be great to work with her. If she could make such a beautiful home for her and her husband, I just know that she could work with me to get the balance of feminine and masculine that I have been trying so hard to achieve in my space.

    Please bless me with this wonderful gift and help me with one of the final pieces to the design puzzle I have been working with!

    Thank You!!!

  87. Free consult? Oh yeah, we have 3 bathrooms…take your pick – downstairs main bath seen by all – kids bath where I spend a ton of time or my master bath which is crying out for a spa like feel!

  88. My bathroom…. pick any one. They are all boring builder upgrades. Many would be happy with them…I think they are, well, boring. I grew up in a charming older home. My husband and I have remodeled two houses to return them to their charming selves. Now we find ourselves in a rather generic suburban house. She is ten years young, and while I am every thankful to have a home, she is just not very charming… A cutie bathroom may start her in the right direction!

  89. She’s pretty darn awesome, and I’d love for her to give me some guidance in the bath area. We have a 1950’s bath, and while I love the whole look of the 50s it’s in need of updates. I just don’t know how far to go with it. I’m sure Layla would be able to help! (Hopped over here from her blog…Going to go check out the rest of your blog.) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  90. What a wonderful blog! And a Layla makeover to my bathroom would be much appreciated =) We just moved and I feel like I have my first “grown-up” bathroom =)

    nicole27202( at )verizon( dot )net

  91. Ha. My (ahem) guest bath has peach tile and a vanity that was acceptably white until my daughter discovered that she could peel off the white paint while potty training, revealing a lovely laminate veneer that is greenish-brown. A previous owner installed a heater in the wall that is a magnet for my preschooler and toddler — with easy turn-on by those little fingers! It’s insane.

  92. My upstairs bathroom is very plain and needs updating for my two babies. Right now, my step son uses it and it looks just like it did when we moved in. You can see it at:
    (it’s the first bathroom shown)
    It’s small and outdated and it really needs some help. Of course you can also see my Master bathroom in that post too and she would likely have more ‘fun’ redoing that room so feel free as well. πŸ™‚

  93. I would LOVE to win this. We just bought our place and two of our bathrooms need some help. One is just this super dark cave-like 3/4 bath on the first floor, and one is our 3/4 bath for guests (and future kids on the second floor. We have like zero money for anything, but I desperately want them to look better! I seriously lack any inspiration, so any help from layla would be AWESOME!

  94. I love Laya, I’m an avid follwer of The Lettered Cottage! We just moved into a new house and I have this AWFUL planter shelf in my master bath and I have no idea what to do with it!! I’d really love to turn it into my own spa/coastal sanctuary since my husband has his own bathroom. My mirror is the awful builder’s grade mirror and the vanity cabinets are a very plain, ugly natural wood color. It desperately needs some help!

  95. I love the light blue paint color in Bathroom #3. Anyone know what it is?

    And Erin, I have to ask, when will you post again? I found the $10 Kitchen makeover post, and it has inspired me for weeks. My husband gives me a look every time I add another DIY project to my list. But happily, he just lets me at it!

  96. My bathrooms are all extremely boring with builder standard crappy devoid of personality fixtures. At least the lay out is good, but they are in need of some love! I would love Layla’s help to turn my master bath into something special!

    cainanandlaura@msn dot com

  97. My bathrooms are all boring and drab with basic builder finishing. I would love Layla’s help to turn my master bath into something special!

    cainanandlaura@ msn dot com

  98. Oh my! I have a bathroom that is nice in size, but the details are little to none and our washer and dryer are hidden behind closet doors all along one wall. I don’t know how to work with these doors! Love these before and afters

  99. OMG. I could win this by a landslide. My husband and I have been in our house for two years and our master bathroom hasn’t been TOUCHED since we moved in. We bought the house from his aunt/uncle, knowing full well of the ‘updates’ it needed. I grew up with a mom and dad who were HGTV in and of themselves so I’m all for construction. However, a few life events have since slowed the process. I have had a dream of going to nursing school and right after we moved in, I literally got a PHONE CALL the day before school started- someone who was signed up to start decided not to go and I was the next in line! How crazy, cool, amazing is that?!?!? So now I’m in my last semester of nursing school and can’t wait to finish in december.

    About the bathroom: well, you walk in and it’s the typical builder cabinets (double sink)……yuck. It was actually a ‘model home’ back in the day but the khaki and purple wall paper doesn’t really cut it here in 2009. Builder grade lights (which get SUPER hot) and the shower……….uh don’t even get me started. It has so much rust in it (all white 2x2inch square tiles), I can barely stomach it. It’s about 3X3 feet white box…..which is not exactly condusive to a husband and wife so needless to say, there is no romance in the bathroom since the shower is so stinkin small.

    Moving on to the ‘faux marble’ tub that is so old it barely works anymore. We also have a decent sized closet that had ‘organizers’ put in when they built the model home- it’s the worst organizers i’ve ever seen. pretty much 2X4 painted white and drilled to the wal. My closet is full of plastic bins so hold all of our clothes. It is a sight to see!

  100. In our new-old house we have three bathrooms in desperate need of TLC. I’d like to focus on the guest bath downstairs first since all our freinds and family will be seeing that. The room already has a newer drop in stand up shower stall but there rest of the rest is scary. Awful tile on the walls and floor that are falling apart.

    I would love help from lovely Layla.

  101. oh bathroom redo…..I mentioned to my husband my plan to have an LC consultation, but the funds (been waiting for Paul to have money so I can rob him & pay Peter, aka LC….lol)anyways, we live in a home built 1930, originally 4 studio apts, now we live in the top floor where the bathroom which I share w/ son and guests…(I will post pics soon)the bathroom is off my dressing room, white pedestal sink & toilet, shower stall with slate tile, right now is painted in an camel/tan color…..can not get inspiration, I love jewel colors…..ugh!

  102. All of my bathrooms are just builder boring. I would love a redesign on our boys bath that is also the guest bath. Of course it all has to be quite washable with 5 boys going in there all the time!

  103. Thanks for the great givewaway! I have a itty bitty bathroom upstairs that needs some major help! There is some faux tile, faux wood, and a lot of potential…if only I knew where to go with it! Thanks again!!

  104. I have the grayest bathroom this side of the Mississippi… seriously! Gray shower (walls and floor), gray toilet (that we got rid of recently and replaced with a low flush one! Woohoo!), gray sink, gray cabinet, gray floors… oh and gray baseboards! Sahweet! Plus it has two tone fixtures. I know you’re jealous now. I’d love to have some direction for what to do! Thanks!

  105. Hi Erin,
    Thanks in advance for the opportunity to win a consultation with Layla. Love her style.

    Our guest bath is need of updating, and I need some color inspiration because the floor and shower are the original pale yellow 1960’s tile.
    The vanity top and integrated sink is gold marble, YUK! The vanity isn’t too bad, white.
    But I really need Layla’s inspiration!

  106. Where to begin? My house is older than I am. I live with a husband and three sons…don’t you feel sorry for me already??? Working full-time outside the home and raising three boys inside the home takes it out of a girl. If I had one of Layla’s bathrooms, my life would instantly improve! From the 1970s olive green tiles to the wasted space to the mile long vanity…I need help! Layla would be my new BFF if she would hook me up with a relaxing getaway to come home to every day!

  107. My master bathroom could use some TLC. It is pretty boring. I find it absolutely impossible to decorate but I’m beyond unhappy with how it looks! I can’t figure out how to dress it up and have the space remain practical for every day use. I would love a lovely, bright, beachy bath where I could soak in the tub and enjoy some ‘Mom Time’ away from the kids, cats, dogs and hubby!!

    I’ll post pictures of it on my blog so you can see how sad my bathroom is!

  108. My master bathroom could use some TLC. It is pretty boring. I find it absolutely impossible to decorate but I’m beyond unhappy with how it looks! I can’t figure out how to dress it up and have the space remain practical for every day use. I would love a lovely, bright, beachy bath where I could soak in the tub and enjoy some ‘Mom Time’ away from the kids, cats, dogs and hubby!!

    I’ll post pictures of it on my blog so you can see how sad my bathroom is!

  109. Wow!! What a fun idea for a giveaway!!! I would love love to win this. Thanks and have a great day.

  110. Oh, how we need a bathroom makeover! Our Master Bath has lovely early 90s maroon,navy,and green floral wallpaper and border. Awful! Add that to the once-cream-now-peach-linoleum surrounding the tub, and we’re in desperate need of some suggestions!


  111. I switched my son and daughter’s rooms and bathrooms. I have redone my daughters bathroom but DESPERATELY need to redo my sons! He is now using a bathroom that is covered in pink floral wallpaper that I know my best friend had in the mid 80’s. It is that old! He has a pink and white gingham shower curtain with ribbons! And a pink flower rug! He would love a redo! And I would love to win this! I love reading Layla’s blog! One of my daily reads! Thank you for doing this!

    My email is

  112. My bathroom was a robin eggs blue tile and we decided to do stone tile and a pebble floor. Problem is, we can’t seem to come up with a color scheme. It has been without a sink for over a year now!!!! I can’t decide on a wall color or a vanity color…..which means I have no idea what to put up for curtains. I am totally inspired by all of the consultations I’ve seen on Layla’s site. HELP!!!! I have 4 kids and really need my sink back! LOL
    The beach cottage look is totally what I’d love to do!!

    I have a guest bathroom that has the pink version of those lovely bridesmaid shower curtains. Tons of wallpaper, hideous pink counters and matching lino… Pretty scary! In fact, so scary that I have not shared a single image on our blog and I have shared some pretty bad befores!

  114. I am so excited about this redo consult!! My master bathroom is boring…I have not touched it since moving into this house 2 years ago…we have only painted over the terrible wallpaper. It is long and thin with high ceilings, white cabinets that i would love to paint black. There is so much to do…it is a blank canvas waiting for Layla to paint!

    I’ll post some pictures on my blog! Thanks so much!

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