I sit writing and there is snow falling on the daffodils outside my window.  Thick damp flakes of winter’s last stand blow around a blooming forsythia. 

“Really?” I ask the sky.  There is no response, only clouds which loom heavy.  Last week it was 70 degrees and I cleared winter debris from my garden while the baby and I delighted in the sunshine and a wind that actually blew warm on our light-starved faces.  Do you ever stop and wonder what Winter must think of us-so impatient in a modern world of instant gratification?

As a little girl, we waited out the last weeks of winter for our small town Dairy Queen to reopen with the advent of spring. Ice cream tasted better then. It tasted like six months of waiting combined with drips of sweet vanilla cream and the wonder of daylight savings. Sometimes there is a great joy that follows the waiting. There is a reward in patience. The gift of God’s perfect timing.

I see it in the snow today. It falls from the sky and I can feel His voice all around me: “Almost, Dear One,” He says.



  1. I love this post. We ARE an instant gratification society. (Hello Google!!!) But we were teased with spring coming and going this year! Not fair! I love Starbucks peppermint mocha. Even though I can have them year round, I always wait until the day after thanksgiving! Something about it bringing in winter!!

  2. God used this post to speak to me for sure. Thank you. I just had an early miscarriage last week, and I’m encouraged by this reminder that life is a long journey of seasons and we just need to be patient for His perfect timing. Spring will come. 🙂 Thanks for posting this.

  3. I love your blog so much–I find it so inspiring!
    I’m thinking of following in your footsteps and contact papering/skirting our rental kitchen–how has it held up for you? And also, how do you get into the drawers if the fabric is covering them? Thanks for having and awesome blog!

  4. Thank you for your post Erin. Not in weather but in certain areas of my life I’m experiencing the impatience of the ‘almost’ and wondering if ‘spring’ is EVER going to come. What a beautiful daffodil!

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