A vintage daybed

I have been looking on craigslist and at local antique stores for a vintage daybed, like the one pictured above, to use as a sofa-alternative in the beach cottage.  I love the white iron and summer breezey look of it, plus seems like a perfect place for a mid-afternoon nap with a certain Wynnbaby.  So far though, no luck.  
Any ideas for places to look?  


  1. It seems like you could also use a vintage twin bed and get the same effect…and a twin iron bed might be just a bit easier to find? Craigslist or EBay is what I would use for Internet shopping…. Good luck!

  2. It would not be antique at all, but Ikea does have a metal framed daybed for $99. It comes in black, but maybe you could paint it white.

  3. try your salvage yards….because that picture you have is simply an old iron twin bed – which would be much cheaper anyhow 😉

    happy shopping!!

  4. I’ve been keeping an eye out for one too. I can’t buy one right now so if I see one or something similar I will be sure to let you know.
    Have a good day.

  5. Our daybed idea is not what you asked for, but may fit your criteria.

    You know the benches that are made out of an old bed frame? We have a king-size bed with headboard and footboard that (cottage style, black w/ panels) is too big for our new house.

    Our plan is to cut the footboard in half for the sides and cut the legs of the headboard a bit to make a handsome daybed for our son’s new room. We’ll reuse a siderail on the front of the daybed.

    A Craigslisted King frame would work well. My thought is that with paint, it would be a fabulous custom piece.

  6. I dream of an outdoor bed for us to lounge in at the new place. I have been working hard to compile list andes photos of things we’d love to have in our next space. So you are going in my inspiration file . Thanks

  7. you girls are right-the bed in the picture is a twin bed-much more likely to find that than a daybed i think . . . the hunt continues 🙂

  8. That frame looks very much like my daughter’s bed. My dad found it in a shed at my grandparent’s house.

  9. I have a bed almost exactly like that that I’ve been trying to sell, but I think Colorado is a bit far for you to drive to get it!

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