A Time for Play

Do you have a room reserved for play in your house?

In our old house, the one we sold before building our current one, we had a loft area that I turned into a playroom for our nephews, A and B. It did not take very much money or effort to put that room together-I borrowed some toys and books, a book shelf, and rocking horse from my sister (their mommy) to fill the space. She was more than happy to get rid of that excess from her own home. The best part of that room was the wall I painted with chalkboard paint (a $10 investment at Lowes)-it added a burst of whimsy and fun and it kept the little ones occupied for good periods of time.

If you have wee ones at your home, consider finding a space to transform into a playroom just for them. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It’s okay to just keep it simple.

Get inspired by these beautiful pictures from Better Homes and Gardens! While you don’t need to take the time to paint your ceilings sky blue or invest in the fancy furniture shown in these photos, you can take away the idea that a splash of bright color goes a long way toward a fun and inspiring space. Painted furniture, as shown here, could be recreated with pieces you already own (or snag from a garage sale, or goodwill, or a friend) and a gallon of brilliant blue or grassy green paint.

Children’s‘ own artwork provides the perfect, priceless (in more ways than one) artwork to dress up the walls. You could create a curtained-stage as seen here buy buying an inexpensive shower curtain or two, or if you are a sewer, some great fabric.

Chalkboard paint is so inexpensive, and trust me, little ones will love it.

Now if I only had a day off of work to unleash my inner 7 year-old to play all day long, with breaks for cookies and milk, and nice long afternoon nap.


  1. I would love to have something like that for my daughter. I love your house. We can’t seem to find the perfect house for us. We love older homes too and I think you’ve got the right idea of builder a new ‘older’ home. Older homes seem to have so much more character than the new cookie cutter homes. Yours is gorgeous!

  2. oh yes naps definately naps! I love those colors together. Two of my favorites right now! I especially liked the hutch that held all the craft supplies with the little star at the top! I too love your home – I’m contimplating attacking stripes in our livingroom like you have in your guest bedroom – my husband thinks I’m crazy!

  3. We definitely have a toy room – that means no toys in the bedroom. I love having a room where I can shut the door and leave the mess until I’m ready to tackle it. My kids love having their own space. It’s also a really fun room to decorate!

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