A Michigan Summer

Hello, lovelies!  Long time, no chat!  I’m sorry if you visited in the past week or so and found the blog coming apart at the seams.  I was apparently behind on some much needed WordPress updates.  I am not very fond of the technical side of blogging!  But I think we are up and running now.

We are spending the summer at our beach cottage in Michigan.  Because Mr. Marvelous works from home, we are enjoying the giant blessing of summer at the shore.

I am working on a personal photography project documenting the boys’ summer at the beach with a photo each day.  If you are interested in following along, you may do so via Facebook.   This post will catch you up to speed with the past several weeks of photos!

Wynn and James’ favorite activity so far this summer is to flood the sidewalk with the hose and then ride their bikes through the puddles.

This little girl is our new next door neighbor, Ellie.  She lives with her grandparents and has adopted us as her summer family.  It is crazy and fun to have a little girl around for a change.  I even let her paint my toenails.

James is in that fleeting stage where he is a busy little boy while awake, but still mommy’s baby when he is asleep or snuggling in my lap.  He will turn two at the end of the summer.

ECP Week Two 1 The mommy-pile.  There is rarely a time as a mother when no one is touching you, talking to you, asking you a question or calling for you from another room! mommy pile



  1. Beautiful ~ just Beautiful….. I’m not that far from you here in Michigan. My family and I live in Traverse City just a hop ~ skip & a jump away. Love Michigan. Your doing awesome on your summer project.

  2. Beautiful! So happy you to discover your Facebook page. I liked it (such an easy decision!) so I can follow along. Summer blessings to you and yours.

  3. I looked at your beautiful photos on FB. They are just wonderful–each one tells a story about the subject you are photographing. You are such a talent…

  4. Oh my gosh! You are an amazing photographer. Seriously! These photos are so beautiful and your editing skills are impeccable! I wish so badly I had your talent and knew anything about a camera. Actually, your photos are what inspired me to start learning! I want to capture these precious moments with my children. You are amazing!!! xo. PS I love your boys favorite thing…flooding the sidewalks, to ride bikes through! Brilliant!

  5. Love all your pics! Such an inspiration! What lens do you use and what are some of your favorite filters in photoshop? You should do a whole blog post on your favorite photo tips!!
    Thank you for posting!

  6. I think these are some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen! You have such talent and I just love the memories you have captured of your boys. So beautiful!

  7. I haven’t visited your blog in quite a long time (crazy how having a baby, now an active toddler, leaves so much less time for blog browsing! 😉 ) but I just love your posts and the way you always remind me to slow down and enjoy the little things and time with my son. I love the picture of the mommy-pile!

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