A Few Kitchen Ideas

I will give you a few minutes to catch your breath after that photo.


Alrighty, pressing on: A friend contacted me by email a few days ago. She and her husband are young, fairly newly married, and just bought their first house. Side note: I remember when Mr. Marvelous and I bought our first house six years ago. After closing we went straight to the house and laid on the floor in the living room, the house entirely empty, and just made plans for our life together in that space. There is absolutely nothing like coming home, whether it is for the first time or the thousandth time.

My friend sent me a few pictures of her kitchen and wanted some decorating advice. She has white cabinetry, but it appears pretty dated. The first thing I told her was that I would either take the upper cabinet doors off the frames and leave the frames as open shelving, or take the upper cabinets down all together and put up open shelving instead. (I am sure her husband is very happy with me right now.) I combed through my inspiration files on my laptop and found plenty of pictures of open airy, open-shelved kitchens. Then this morning, I stumbled on this kitchen, here.

There is just something about open shelving in a kitchen that is magical to me. Don’t you agree?

Our first house had oak veneer cabinets. I borrowed an electric sander from a friend, bought a big bucket of white paint, and after 2 weeks of back-breaking labor had transformed my kitchen for less than $30. I should dig out those pictures to share. I think that anyone itching for a kitchen redo could work wonders with a bucket of white paint, some open shelving, and great chandelier. Maybe some new hardware and an updated faucet down the road . . .

I am particularly inspired by kitchens. Maybe because I was blessed to grow up with a mother who was always in the kitchen making homemade applesauce or raspberry jam or blueberry pie or banana bread. When we built our house I specifically wanted a big farmhouse sink that I could bathe my babies in someday, and a room big enough for little ones to play with matchbox cars on the floor while I cook. Cliche as it may be, the kitchen really can be the heart of the home. And with a little bit of money and lot of determination and elbow grease, you can turn yours into a dreamy space . . . just don’t tell your husband you got the idea from me:)


  1. Hello! I have just recently stumbled across your blog and I love it!

    As for this kitchen, yes, it is breathtaking. I believe it is in the current issue of Traditional Home. The daughter designed it for her parents so that all of the family could gather and the cooks could still be part of the action – that’s my favorite part about this room.

    P.S. I love your kitchen.

  2. Great inspiration! I just love white kitchens (we have one as well). I still haven’t done the open shelving, but it does add a lot of character! Hopefully you will be able to post some before and after’s of your friends kitchen! Plus, please post your old kitchen. Just love seeing what people can do!!

  3. Oh I don’t think our taste could be any more similar! I would just DIE to have that kitchen! The combo of white, gray and turquoise is so calming and refreshing. 🙂

  4. Ok, this is my DREAM kitchen. I am huge fan of white kitchens. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog.

  5. I love open shelving in a kitchen…BUT my husband doesn’t. He said that is not practical, and it would get dusty. Oh well, compromise. I do agree with you about white cabinets in the kitchen, and so does my husband. He is always saying that we should re-paint our kitchen cupboards white. May be one day…

  6. The flowers and blue accessories make that room. What about the shelf of blue bottles? Just gorgeous! By the way, pop over to my blog sometime this week,if you like, as I’m having my 100th post giveaway! Wendy xx

  7. Love your thoughts on the kitchen!! Very inspirational. I love the blue and white. Five years ago when we bought our home, I decorated it in rich pepper reds and linen and olive greens. It is so warm and cozy, but now I find myself longing for the fresh coolness of white and pastels. ::sigh::

  8. I just found your blog and went through the whole thing. I am in love! I love your projects and I love the inspiration pictures you post. You’ve definitely got a new reader here.

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